Swisscom and Hive Streaming Extend and Strengthen Partnership

Swisscom and Hive Streaming Extend and Strengthen Partnership

Since October 2016, Hive Streaming has been successfully working with Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG in the Swiss market to offer complete video management and delivery solutions. Recently, Swisscom customers have been expressing interest in the Hive Streaming and Skype Meeting Broadcast Integration. This interest became the catalyst for Hive Streaming and Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG to formalize their partnership.

Hive Streaming has granted Swisscom the first right of refusal on sales opportunities that arise for Hive Streaming with Skype Meeting Broadcast in Switzerland. Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG is a subsidiary of Swisscom and implements technical infrastructures for the digitization of live communications.

Swisscom Event and Media Services’ deep expertise in unified communications and digital media make the company an ideal partner for Hive Streaming. The extended partnership will allow users to broadcast live video presentations on an international scale without the need for additional hardware purchases.

Swisscom also has strong relationships with Microsoft and movingimage. Each of these companies provide critical components of a complete video delivery and management platform.

A leader in the Swiss market, Swisscom Event and Media Services also increases reach and provides growth opportunities for Hive Streaming in the Swiss video delivery service market.

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