Why Inclusive Video Communication is Crucial in Times of Massive Change

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Liza Engstrom
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2020 has shaken familiar ways of operation for companies and entire industries. With change accelerating at an ever-growing pace, it is becoming clear that businesses must reinvent themselves to keep growing, or simply to survive.

Niklas Hagen, the co-CEO of Hive Streaming, addresses these challenges and outlines a path towards beginning to tackle them in his masterclass “Why Inclusive Video Experiences are Crucial to Survive Times of Massive Change.” The masterclass first aired at Web Summit, an annual global event dubbed by Forbes “the best technology conference on the planet.”

Niklas presents a vision of a successful future for all businesses that is rooted in engaging their biggest asset: their employees. Employees hold the ultimate power to contribute to and facilitate change. But in order for this to happen, they must first become emotionally invested in a business direction they believe in.

One of the key ways to ensure alignment across the workforce and a personal investment in a company’s goals is to achieve a high quality of video experience for all employees, regardless of whether they are working remotely or at the office, at HQ or at a subsidiary site, and whether they are white-collar, blue-collar, or first-line workers. To become truly invested in a company’s mission, employees must be able to benefit from the same high quality of video experience regardless of their role or physical location.

There are now many opportunities for ingenuity, creativity and new ways of communicating and collaborating never before thought possible. Companies will increasingly become forced to learn new ways of working and employ new technologies in order to adapt and survive, and those who succeed will emerge stronger, more aligned, and will be more resilient moving forward.  In this masterclass, you will learn more about why inclusive employee video communication is paramount to survival, and why you need a digital infrastructure to support and understand the optimal video experience.

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