Years of empowering enterprise through video

Hive has pioneered enterprise video event communications for over a decade, powering the largest live streaming and VOD services across the world, including Microsoft, Workplace, and Global Meet.


Innovation from the very start

Hive began in 2007 as a research project at the Swedish Institute for Computer Science and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Today, it empowers global enterprises to engage their workforces using stable and secure live video.
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Our Mission

We live in a world of continuous, dramatic change. Our mission is to help enterprises maximize their video experience to achieve alignment and engagement among their global workforce, and create resilient organizations that can quickly adapt to new circumstances.
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Our Vision

Our vision is to democratize great enterprise video experiences for every employee in every organization worldwide. We work to create video streaming and analytics solutions for the world’s largest and most innovative enterprises.
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Our Core Values

Innovation, customer centricity, and empowerment drive our team to succeed. We are constantly advancing our technology, building for the customer, and trusting and encouraging teammates to do their very best work.


Join the video experience team

We are a group of dedicated minds who are inspired to inspire. Find your fit among those working to amplify change-makers via incredible video experiences.
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