Stream seamlessly in low-bandwidth network environments

Ensure flawless corporate video delivery to all company employees, even in extreme network environments. Hive Throughput Manager is the ultimate solution for live video event streaming to locations with limited bandwidth capabilities.

Overcome network challenges in China and India

Hive Throughput Manager is specifically designed to address the unique streaming complexities faced by enterprises in countries with notoriously challenging internet links, like China or India.

  • Easily manage bandwidth allocation for live event streaming
  • Deliver reliable and consistent corporate video communications to all
  • Foster employee engagement by enhancing digital workplace experience

How it works

When streaming to office locations with limited bandwidth, Hive Throughput Manager provides an extra layer of control that guarantees a smoother and more reliable video experience.

Granular control

Specific amount of bandwidth is allocated towards fetching content from the CDN to prevent network overload.

Smoother streaming

Multi-bitrate video sources consolidated to minimize the number of streams, ensuring optimal video quality.

Better employee experience

Improved digital experience is proven to increase engagement and have a positive impact on business outcomes.

Why Hive Throughput Manager?


True edge functionality

Reduce complexity and costs. By leveraging viewers' machines for video distribution, you eliminate the need for maintenance and additional hardware or software.

AI-powered auto-configuration

Throughput Manager is fully Cloud-based and designed to self-organize within your network structure, requiring no virtual machines, hardware, or operations integration.

Patented technology

Hive's Throughput Manager is backed by proprietary, patented technology. With patents granted in Europe, the Americas, APAC, and China, you can trust our commitment to innovation.

No single point of failure

Enjoy peace of mind with a fully distributed solution. Hive Throughput Manager eliminates single points of failure, enhancing the reliability and resiliency of your video stream.

Purpose-built for the enterprise

Hive Throughput Manager is purpose-built to meet the unique needs and challenges of enterprise live event streaming. Designed with the specific requirements of large organizations in mind, the solution provides unparalleled control, reliability, and scalability.


Efficient bandwidth utilization to prevent network congestion


Seamless integration with your existing video platforms, no deployment required

security (1)

Developed following ISO 27001 and SOC2 processes certified by EY


Smooth streaming experience for all employees across global office locations

Robust security with full coverage

We continuously monitor the security landscape and proactively release updates to address any emerging threats or vulnerabilities. By keeping our solution up to date, we ensure that your live event streaming remains secure and protected.


All data encrypted using industry-standard protocols


Video streams protected from potential threats


Cloud-based solution, no hardware vulnerabilities

Bandwidth control for sustainability

A simple change in IT infrastructure management can yield substantial results. By reducing video streaming bandwidth consumption, you can minimize the need for network equipment, save energy, lower carbon dioxide emissions, and achieve long-term cost savings. Join the movement towards a more sustainable future.

Unlock the full potential of your corporate live event streaming

With Hive Throughput Manager, you have the power to transform your live event streaming experience. Say goodbye to bandwidth limitations and hello to seamless, reliable streams. Improve digital employee experience, reduce costs, and optimize the performance of your existing network infrastructure. Get started with Throughput Manager now and unlock the true potential of your live event streaming.