Real-time live video quality adjustments for instant issue resolution

One failed event is one too many. Control the Event is the only solution existing to-date that empowers IT Managers to stay on top of their corporate video delivery and take immediate action to prevent stream disruptions by adjusting quality levels in real time.
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Full control of each broadcast

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Instant stream disruption alerts

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Actionable remediation tips

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Unrivalled market innovation


Act on critical KPIs in real time

Stay on top of your live event's performance. Control the Event works behind the scenes to detect video experience issues based on multiple KPIs, including the number of viewers, location, and buffering severity.

Mitigate issues before they multiply

Resolve video experience issues with real-time alerts and recommendations that you can execute on the spot. Ensure that any arising issues are mitigated by adjusting quality levels in real time.

Never miss a performance alert

Control the Event won’t let you miss critical updates, even when you can't actively monitor the broadcast. We’ll keep you updated with real-time alerts and configurable notifications.

Don’t let fear haunt your live stream

Live events can be a nightmare for IT Managers, with the fear of network failures and stream errors causing sleepless nights. And when issues do arise, the panic of not knowing how to resolve or mitigate them can be paralyzing.

Hive empowers Digital Event and Workplace teams

Control the Event caters to the needs of various roles involved in managing live events. Whether you're a Digital Event Producer, an IT and Infrastructure Manager, or a Digital Workplace Manager, we’ll help ensure that every event runs smoothly and efficiently.


Video Event Management


IT & Infrastructure


Digital Workplace

Know when issues arise – and how to fix them

During live events, IT Managers are often powerless against network and stream failures. Control the Event changes the game, giving you real-time awareness and power to ensure a flawless viewing experience.


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Comprehensive event logs and reporting

Control the Event maintains detailed event logs summarizing issues, actions taken, and their effects, allowing you to access this vital information both during and after the stream. 

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Discover the true cost of a failed corporate broadcast

Producing and executing large enterprise live events incurs significant costs. But the cost of a failed event is even higher. With Control the Event, you can ensure successful live broadcasts and save thousands by avoiding the consequences of event interruption.


One failed event is one too many

Don't leave your live events to chance. With Control the Event's real-time issue detection, alerts and actionable recommendations, you can manage your live corporate broadcasts confidently and deliver exceptional experiences to your viewers. Take full control of your live events today.