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Scale video distribution with Hive eCDN

Prevent network overload, save bandwidth, and deliver high-quality video across thousands of employee devices using our patented eCDN video distribution solution.

Offload the network & increase video quality

Optimizing your video with eCDN helps you deliver high-quality video to all employees globally at the best possible bitrate – regardless of their location or office network limitations.

  • Reduce bandwidth load to prevent your network from failing
  • Ensure high-quality live video for all employees, regardless of location
  • Overcome poor connection issues
  • Cut network and IT infrastructure costs by lowering bandwidth consumption
  • Get eCDN performance analytics, technical insights and troubleshooting information

Zero-configuration eCDN solution

Hive eCDN works out of the box, powered by algorithms that are designed to self-assess and improve their operation even when network configurations are either wrong or entirely missing. Our eCDN Monitor comes included, showing valuable analytics insights to enhance your video capabilities.​

  • Immediately adapts to network changes
  • Intelligently avoids overloading individual endpoints
  • Fully distributed load balancing

How it works

Our intelligent P2P video distribution algorithm eliminates the need for each user device to reach out to the video source individually, resulting in significant network offload and reduced latency.


Easy to activate and manage


Hive eCDN can be enabled and ready to use in under 5 minutes


Zero hardware required, regardless of location


Browser-based technology, software installation optional


24/7 support and Success Services available

Quick start

Browser-based and installable options

Stream flawlessly on your existing enterprise video platform without time-consuming configuration. Hive intelligently detects and connects to existing protocols to deliver high-bitrate video evenly across any network.


Full privacy & security by design

Hive avoids storing sensitive data and maintains the highest standards of security and privacy. Your information stays safe behind your own corporate firewall.

  • Video stream never leaves your control – Hive only receives metadata/reporting
  • Works with DRM, Tokens, HTPS, TLS 1.2+
  • Designed to work with firewalls/proxies
  • Enterprise-class architecture, certified by EY to NIST SP 800-53 R5 and ISAE 3000 SOC2
How we keep you protected

Supercharge your existing IT infrastructure

Eliminate the need for costly bandwidth upgrades. Hive eCDN intelligently optimizes the technical infrastructure you already have to support your network regardless of how many concurrent viewers join a company webcast all at the same time.


Employee Reach



Additional Network Investments after Hive



Bandwidth Savings



Events Supported


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Get access to more than basic eCDN. Discover Premium Video Optimization, developed specifically for large, complex video broadcasting within the enterprise.

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