Privacy & Security

Proven security, backed by experts

We have built Hive with security in mind from day one. Independent firm Kudelski Security confirms that our products are safe for our 150 customers.

Anonymized data

Private by design

All end viewer data is anonymized, rendering potential compromises useless. Hive avoids storing sensitive information like video data, PII, credentials, and other customer and partner data.


EY Certificate

Hive is fully compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013


We rate the technical information security risk of the Hive product suite as low and found that Hive demonstrated high maturity in their security practices, development practices, privacy practices, and overall security by design methodology.

Affirmed by Kudelski Security

Cloud Security

Backed up in two secure facilities

Our backend is secured in two physically separate data centers run by Microsoft Azure to eliminate the possibility of data loss. Azure carries 90+ industry-leading compliance offerings.

Secure development

Secure by design

Hive follows industry best practices for the entire secure software development life cycle, including: threat modeling, security code review, security testing, and secure deployment & processes.

Network support

Zero trust network support

Hive can be easily configured to work with zero trust security providers, ensuring a high level of security while retaining full network offload capabilities. We maintain an active integration with industry-leading security platforms like Zscaler and Palo Alto to offer our customers robust security and protection against any potential threats.


GDPR compliant from day one

We built Hive to protect enterprise and end viewer information from the very beginning.

We are very happy with our decision to deploy Hive Streaming. The results are beyond our expectations and, as a result, we are confident in Hexion in embracing video communications internally leveraging Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Dennis Ryan Vice President & CIO hexion_logo_rgb-600