The all-in-one enterprise video experience solution

Hive helps companies manage video growth, improve employee experience in the hybrid workplace and reach their entire workforce with live events that promote genuine employee engagement.

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Video traffic is skyrocketing in hybrid work

Growing volumes of video content strain corporate networks, and put pressure on leadership to understand, manage, and safeguard the data video generates.

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More video than ever

We’re witnessing a dramatic hike in data traffic, most of which is video content. This will affect businesses significantly more than it does consumers.

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Companies are struggling to keep up

Our customers are generating much more video traffic in hybrid work than they ever did before the pandemic.

Why choose Hive?

The intelligent Hive algorithm automatically finds the best possible way to distribute video to all viewers, maximizing Quality of Experience regardless of employee location.

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Market-leading hybrid workplace solutions

  • Easily manage growing video usage
  • Maintain consistently high quality of video experience for all
  • Develop a digital workplace strategy based on anonymized user data
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Full-cycle live video event support

  • Ensure success before, during and after internal video events
  • Avoid corporate network overload with eCDN
  • Deliver video to locations with extreme bandwidth challenges (with zero hardware required)
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Maximized corporate network utilization

  • Prevent failure of critical business applications
  • Reduce network infrastructure costs
  • Securely scale video distribution with P2P streaming
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Excellent employee experience that boosts engagement

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Employee experience is queen

Great EX translates into 50% higher revenue and profits. Organizations spend $2,420 per person/year on enhancing employee experience to increase engagement – with no reliable way to measure it.

Measure employee engagement without surveys
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A live video event with 100+ invited?You’ll need Hive. 100%.

The world’s most inspiring companies use Hive to power their digital workplace

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