Employee Engagement Indicators

Employee Engagement Indicators is a new premium add-on module now available within the Executive Dashboard, part of Hive Video Analytics. The module allows you to enhance instant live event reports generated via the Executive Dashboard with in-depth employee video engagement insights.

Transparency on video engagement at the office and at home

To keep distributed teams aligned on company vision and goals, leaders need new, reliable ways to understand and quantify the true impact of internal messaging across the workforce – whether employees are back at the office or working from home. The Engagement Indicators module allows you to run an in-depth employee engagement data analysis.

Detailed employee engagement summaries

Feature up to four specialized employee engagement metrics of your choice per report. Charts include overall event engagement score, office and at-home viewer engagement comparison, engagement rates throughout the period of each event, and a visual representation of engaged viewers to total audience size.

Tailored video event reports

Select specific graphs and charts to include in your instant Executive Dashboard live event report or choose “Select all” to feature all employee engagement data analysis insights available. With Engagement Indicators enabled, event reports automatically feature engagement scores per country on the built-in world map.

Advanced benchmarking & KPIs

Each video event receives an overall engagement score, allowing you to create meaningful internal communication benchmarks that go beyond viewer numbers alone, and help multiple stakeholders within your company understand its true impact.

How it works

Event-specific viewer engagement reports can be easily generated by IT, Unified Comms or other internal communication stakeholders for C-level executives and HR teams.

Custom reports

Select only the metrics you or your executives need, reducing information overload.

Tailored modules

Choose between Engagement Indicators only, or combine with existing Executive Dashboard modules such as Quality of Experience, network savings, viewer device, and more.

Easy to share

Export as an Adobe PDF, Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint or sharable interactive webpage.


Who are employee Engagement Indicators for?



  • Understand true impact of each video event
  • Get full picture of employee engagement across the workforce
  • Know if employees are more engaged at home or in the office
  • Act on data insights to improve alignment & business profitability

Human Resources

  • Understand employee video engagement in a measurable way
  • Identify video content that resonates with employees
  • Improve your employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Foster company culture and maximize employee retention

IT & Unified Comms

  • Identify and act on improvement opportunities in video event quality
  • Access detailed employee engagement metrics for each live video event
  • Troubleshoot technical issues that may be affecting engagement
  • Share instant audience engagement reports with HR, C-Suite, or Corporate Comms