Experience flawless corporate video streaming

Developed and refined for over a decade, Premium Video Optimization is the only corporate video experience solution that addresses the unique set of internal communication challenges faced by modern enterprises.


Software-only, zero-configuration video distribution

The ingenious peer-to-peer algorithm powering Premium Video Optimization helps achieve the highest streaming quality while efficiently offloading your corporate network.

  • Works out of the box, automatically adapts to your environment
  • Provides up to 99% network bandwidth savings
  • Backed by 100+ patents across 17 patent families

99.99% uptime


Hassle-free operation


24/7 Support


Patented technology


Internal live events with no interruptions

Hive’s patented aggressive pre-fetching technology helps viewers build up an extended video buffer, which protects them from quality problems that can arise if the network suddenly becomes congested.

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Market-leading service and experience-level agreements

At Hive Streaming, we pride ourselves on delivering not just market-leading service, but an exceptional quality of customer experience, ensured by our robust service-level agreements (SLAs) and experience-level agreements (XLAs).

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Lightning-fast response

In a live environment, you can’t afford to lose a single second. That is why our SLAs include a near-immediate response to critical and high-severity incidents. Customers often find solutions within mere minutes of reaching out.

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white-glove support

Our XLAs ensure that every interaction is tailored, addressing your unique challenges and needs. Our global Support team has volumes of technical expertise and remains on standby 24/7.

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Reliability you can trust

Our services are always available, reliable, and ready to support your live video communication needs. Our commitment is underscored by a 99.99% service uptime – a testament to our relentless pursuit of operational excellence.


Purpose-built for the enterprise

Enterprise networks are complex and always changing. That’s why we built a solution that requires no maintenance, is highly adaptable to any network environment, and works seamlessly regardless of audience size.

  • Highly scalable for both live and on-demand video
  • Cheap to maintain, quick to enable, and easy to update
  • VPN and zero trust network support

Proven security, backed by experts

Premium Video Optimization is a fully distributed solution, allowing for no single point of failure. All end viewer data is anonymized, ensuring full privacy and rendering potential compromises useless. Certified by EY.

How we keep you safe
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Overcome extreme video delivery challenges

Premium Video Optimization works out of the box but is flexible to allow for site-specific configuration if required.

Hive gives customers the power to limit the amount of bandwidth allocated to video streaming in locations with notoriously challenging internet links, like China or India, ensuring a smoother and more reliable video experience for all employees.

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Offload the corporate network

Alleviate the burden on your IT infrastructure. With up to 99% bandwidth savings, you can rest easy knowing that your network will hold up regardless of how many employees join a live stream at any given time.

  • Eliminate video buffering and ensure the highest quality possible
  • Reach any number of employees without video performance degradation
  • Distribute video efficiently through peer-to-peer, minimize need for high-bandwidth connections

Reduce IT & Infrastructure costs

Offloading the corporate network contributes to factual cost savings through reduced bandwidth expenses, lowered infrastructure costs, and improved operational efficiency.


Zero hardware required

All Hive solutions are 100% software based, eliminating the need for costly hardware investments.


No costly bandwidth upgrades

Reduce the strain on network infrastructure and minimize the need for costly bandwidth upgrades.


Cheap to maintain

Hive operates exclusively on existing employee devices and corporate network infrastructure.


Network failure prevention

The cost of even a short network outage can be in the millions, which is easy to prevent with Hive.

Longstanding expertise trusted by the Fortune 500

For years, Hive’s dedicated Product & Engineering teams have been hard at work refining the category-leading peer-to-peer video distribution algorithm that powers Premium Video Optimization. Over 130 streaming technology patents and the trust of some of the world’s most inspiring companies are a direct result of this work, and a testament to our unrelenting commitment to innovation.


“We were able to not only significantly improve broadcast quality, but get a full and accurate picture of the reach and impact of internal live events streaming globally with Hive’s powerful analytics”

Jose Herranz, Director Product Ownership – Unified Communications, Adidas

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Prevent network failure and improve digital employee experience with Hive

With Hive, you can reach your entire global workforce with live events that promote genuine employee engagement. Hive’s commitment to innovation, product offering, and comprehensive SLAs remain unmatched by other market vendors.


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