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Enabling superior video experiences Why enterprises need a VX platform

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Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the value of live video as a powerful tool for internal communication, collaboration, and engagement. With the growing number of digital employees, ensuring seamless and engaging live video experiences has become crucial. This is where the VX (Video Experience – an important part of DEX) platform steps in. In this article, we will explore why enterprises with a significant digital workforce require a VX platform to enhance their internal live video experiences.

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Understanding the role of a VX platform for internal live video

A VX platform is a specialized solution designed to optimize internal live video experiences within enterprises. It offers a range of tailored features and capabilities to address the unique requirements of large-scale live video streaming on platforms like Teams, Vimeo, GlobalMeet, and many others


Scalable infrastructure for reliable live streaming

Enterprises with a substantial number of digital employees need a robust IT infrastructure to support reliable live video streaming. A solid VX platform is built on scalable architecture capable of handling high volumes of concurrent viewers, across multiple countries, ensuring uninterrupted live streaming experiences. This eliminates potential bottlenecks and guarantees smooth and reliable video delivery, even during peak usage periods such as town halls or company-wide announcements.

Interactive and engaging live video experiences

Driving audience engagement is vital for effective internal communications through live video. A VX platform allows all viewers to benefit from the highest possible video experience, which is scientifically proven to boost engagement. It also ensures that all employees can utilize any available interactive features such as real-time polls, Q&A sessions, and chat functionalities to enhance engagement. These tools empower employees to actively participate and interact with the content, fostering a sense of involvement and collaboration within the organization.

Advanced analytics and audience insights

Measuring engagement and assessing the effectiveness of communication strategies are crucial for enterprises. A VX platform such as Hive Streaming provides advanced analytics and audience insights, offering valuable data on viewership, engagement levels, and audience involvement. These insights enable enterprises to refine their content, tailor future broadcasts, and make data-driven decisions to enhance internal communication initiatives.

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Seamless integration with existing collaboration tools

Enterprises rely on various collaboration tools like Teams, Vimeo, and Workplace for internal communication and teamwork. A VX platform such as Hive Streaming seamlessly integrates with 30+ video platforms, leveraging existing IT infrastructure and workflows without the need for additional hardware.  

Enhanced security and privacy controls

Ensuring data security and privacy is paramount during internal live video broadcasts. A reliable VX platform like the one developed by Hive Streaming prioritizes security measures, offering robust encryption protocols, secure P2P, and access controls. This guarantees the protection of sensitive company information and ensures that video content remains accessible only to authorized employees, safeguarding confidential discussions and information exchange.

As enterprises harness the power of live video to connect and engage with their digital workforce, a specialized VX platform becomes indispensable. With its focus on scalability, analytics, seamless integration, and security, the  Hive VX Platform empowers enterprises to maximize their internal live video experiences. By leveraging the Hive platform, enterprises with thousands of digital employees can ensure reliable, engaging, and secure live video streaming, fostering effective internal communication, collaboration, and employee engagement.