Enterprise Video Distribution

Hive Streaming provides solutions for streaming secure, large-scale high quality video within the Enterprise and over the Internet. Read more

High Quality

HTTPS based HD and 4K streaming from internal source or third party CDN.

Easy Setup

SaaS solution. No new hardware. Simple integration with existing video management solution.


Detailed real time event stats. Pre-event analysis of whole video delivery infrastructure including network impact.


One stream per network segment. 99% traffic offload from source and over weak links. Advanced congestion control.



Locked-down end-user device software. Encrypted video distribution with support for DRM.

Beautiful UI

Visualize the event and the network with a beautiful user interface.

Hive Video Distribution

Hive Video Distribution Network solutions are maximum performance, minimum impact distribution solutions for enterprises and OTT players. The Hive VDN provides optimal live and on-demand video distribution reducing network loads to one stream per network segment.

Granted patents

Hive Streaming currently holds 37 granted and 29 pending patents.



Only 2% load on the CPU when you are streaming with Hive.


Bandwidth savings

Removes up to 99,7% of the video traffic fully replacing hardware based multi-casting solutions.


In the cloud

Cloud-based Azure Helper Services for statistics, peer discovery and connection setup.

Hive Sonar

Hive Sonar provides powerful tools to investigate the performance of internal services and the network. Hive Sonar allows network administrators to explore and visualize networks and services from multiple end-points, making a Hive Sonar a versatile and powerful troubleshooting tool.

Visualizing the Streaming Video Network

Introducing Hive Insights One of the unique capabilities of Hive Streaming is providing a viewer-centric view of the network during the event – much more than traditional player-based metrics (limited to the browser). So with our Q2 release, we’re proud to introduce... read more

Partner update & SME Talk

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An Introduction to WebRTC

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