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Hive Streaming serves enterprises who embrace video communications and are looking to provide the highest quality video experience with minimal expense and impact to their enterprise network.


Discover the power of Hive Streaming

We solve the enterprise live and on-demand video distribution challenge, by delivering a highly efficient video distribution service that reduces the network impact and ensures an unsurpassed quality of experience.

High Quality Video Streaming

High Quality

HTTPS based HD streaming from internal source or third party CDN.

Easy Setup

No new hardware. Simple integration with existing video management solution.

Detailed Analytics

Comprehensive real time event stats. Pre-event analysis of whole video delivery infrastructure including network impact.

Extend Reach

One stream per network site/office. Up to 99% traffic offload from source and over weak links. Advanced congestion control.


Locked-down end-user device software. Encrypted video distribution with support for DRM.

Intuitive UI

Visualize the event and the network with a beautiful user interface.

Hive for Microsoft
Enterprise Video

Hive integrates with Microsoft to provide an enterprise content distribution network (ECDN).


Why some of our customers have chosen Hive Streaming

Hive Streaming was light-years ahead of competitors based on our requirements and initial evaluation. Their product features and the Hive team’s knowledge of our network challenges and Office 365 integration gave us confidence that they were the right choice.


A very large company with a complex network reaching multiple sites across the world, Honeywell has embraced video but can’t let video impact other mission critical uses of their network. Having previously used multicasting in parts of their network to keep traffic down to a single stream over critical links, Honeywell wanted to expand the reach of video using a software only solution. With Hive Streaming, Honeywell could replace their multicasting solution, extend the reach of video to the entire company, without adding any extra load to key network links.


“Kemira has been very happy with the performance of Hive Streaming and the commitment of the Hive team. Hive Streaming helped give us the confidence to fully utilize the power of enterprise video communications.”


“Hexion is very happy with our decision to deploy Hive Streaming. The results are beyond our expectations and, as a result, we are confident in Hexion in embracing video communications internally leveraging Office 365 and Skype for Business.”


“Deploying Hive Streaming has resulted in an improvement in the quality of our video events, which has driven an increase in the frequency and attendance at these events. The overall result is a steady increase in employee communication that is more impactful, cost effective and convenient.”

Hive Streaming

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How Hive Streaming is leading enterprises to the forefront of their industries.

July 24 2019
Kaltura - everything video

Hive Streaming Joins the Kaltura Video Technology Marketplace as a Premier Partner

Hive Streaming Joins the Kaltura Video Technology Marketplace as a Premier Partner – The Hive Streaming Secure and Efficient Peering Solution is Now Integrated with The Kaltura Video Platform to Offer High Quality Enterprise Video Delivery at Scale

March 10 2020
Red paper boat

Positioned for Thought Leadership in 2020

2019 was the year when we at Hive Streaming moved our position to the forefront of the industry for enterprise video distribution. In 2019 we handled over 627,500 streaming events and videos, and thanks to many new customers across multiple market verticals, we now have over 3.4 million installed clients in over 190 countries worldwide.

June 20 2019

New Hive Reporting UI – A Video Walkthrough

We recently launched a new Hive Insights portal, that improved clarity, navigation, and chart presentation. If you haven’t had a chance to explore Hive Insights, then the video walkthrough below will give you an idea of some of its capabilities.