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Perfect video experience for all employees

Broadcast internal video communications in the highest quality possible to generate greater engagement than ever before and increase strategic alignment throughout the entire organization

Transform your internal video events with the Hive VX Platform


Schedule broadcasts for maximum engagement

Identify and fix potential issues before going live

Test your network by simulating any stream ahead of time


Ensure the highest possible quality for all viewers

Get more out of the video platforms you already use

Act on real-time stream disruption alerts 


Analyze stream performance and track long-term KPIs

Understand trends in audience engagement

Share a summary of the most powerful insights with non-technical teams

Trusted by the world’s leading enterprises

Forward-thinking global companies trust and utilize the Hive Streaming VX Platform – including our category-leading eCDN and premium services – to transform their internal communications.

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“If you are serious about video experience and the impact it will create for your enterprise – you need Hive.”

Waseem Ahmad, Global Lead, Streaming Media Services, EY

Why the Fortune 500 invest in video experience

Hive brings all your video platforms together

Put an end to disconnected communication tools. Hive supports the use of multiple video platforms, simultaneously.

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Pioneering digital workplace technology

Our team has acquired over 100 streaming technology patents that keep Hive at the forefront of innovation.

How we empower companies through video

Effective communication is key to employee engagement

A powerful internal message alone only takes you halfway. To ensure that it truly resonates, you must secure the best possible viewing experience – whether or not you need an eCDN to offload the network.
Hive ensures your communications get through

Aligned employees drive business results

Companies with highly engaged employees are more profitable than average. An engaged workforce can reduce absenteeism by up to 40% and help avoid turnover and associated financial losses.
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