Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast

a complementary event analytics service for
Skype Meeting Broadcast users

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Universal Video Distribution

Hive Streaming provides solutions for video distribution with unsurpassed quality and efficiency. Live and on-demand. Within the Enterprise and over the Internet.

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Why Hive Streaming?

High Quality

HTTPS based HD and 4K streaming from internal source or third party CDN.

Easy Setup

SaaS solution. No new hardware. Simple integration with existing video management solution.


Detailed real time event stats. Pre-event analysis of whole video delivery infrastructure including network impact.


One stream per network site/office. 99% traffic offload from source and over weak links. Advanced congestion control.


Locked-down end-user device software. Encrypted video distribution with support for DRM.

Beautiful UI

Visualize the event and the network with a beautiful user interface.

Granted patents

Hive Streaming currently holds 37 granted and 29 pending patents.



Only 2% load on the CPU when you are streaming with Hive.


Bandwidth savings

Removes up to 99,7% of the video traffic fully replacing hardware based multi-casting solutions.


In the cloud

Cloud-based Azure Helper Services for statistics, peer discovery and connection setup.

Hive Video Distribution

Hive Video Distribution Network solutions are maximum performance, minimum impact distribution solutions for enterprises and OTT players. The Hive VDN provides optimal live and on-demand video distribution reducing network loads to one stream per network segment.

Hive Insights

Hive Insights provides detailed monitoring and analysis of the video distribution network. With Hive Insights, you can identify, troubleshoot and solve networking problems faster, insuring the success of streaming video on your network.

The Hive Blog

Hive tech blog

Hive.JS: The Browser-based Video CDN Today, we reveal the project that we’ve been working on for the last year! It’s our new distribution technology, called Hive.js. It’s based on our signature cutting edge algorithms for efficient video distribution and it’s built on top of WebRTC. Read below for a full description of our new tech. Hive.js is a scalable, web-based solution for the delivery of high quality live and on-demand video in the browser. Hive.js was designed to distribute video using all popular HTTP-based adaptive bitrate protocols, such as DASH, HLS and HDS, using WebRTC, a new standard for browser-to-browser communication. Hive.js is a new implementation of the same algorithms that power our installable Java-based software, whose performance has been widely documented in multiple publications and whose novelty has been outlined in multiple patents that detail Hive’s theoretical, implementation and deployment aspects. The main challenge of delivering HTTP-based live streams is the unicast nature of the HTTP protocol. This creates a potential bottleneck at the source of the stream with a linear increase in bandwidth demand as the number of viewers increases. A natural approach, which is also the primary solution to handle capacity issues for normal HTTP traffic, is to introduce caching. For HTTP-based video content, this is the only available solution since no multicast support has been implemented yet. Caching of HTTP video content on the Open Internet is commonly done using Content Distribution Networks (CDNs). CDNs have the advantage of providing high throughput and low latency. However, this is only the case if the CDN deployment comprises of nodes in proximity of the viewers and, most importantly,... read more

Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast

Overview Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast is a complementary event analytics service for Skype Meeting Broadcast users. It is available in tech preview mode from March 2016 directly from Hive Streaming. Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast runs in the browser on most devices including smartphones. It provides easily accessible event information about: • Quality of experience • Geographic distribution • Audience segmentation per OS and device type • Connection types • Event reach and churn Benefits Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast can be used at many levels; zoom out, and Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast provides high level metrics summarizing key event data in easily accessible graphs. Zoom in, and Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast allows you to drill down to understand the experience in specific regions, all the way down to the individual user. How to get started? Obtain a license directly from Hive Streaming, and activate Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast via the Office 365 tenant. Once activated, you simply access Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast through your Skype Meeting Broadcast Post meeting summary page. Learn... read more

Enterprise Connect 7th to 9th of March 2016

We will be exhibiting at Enterprise Connect from the 7th to 9th of March 2016. Meet us in our booth 2121. During the exhibition we will release some brand new Hive technology. If you want to read more about Enterprie Connect and find the correct location click here Schedule a meeting at Enterprise Connect 2016 Todd Törnquist Chief Commercial... read more

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