Hive Streaming works with trusted and known partners to deliver to customers comprehensive enterprise video solutions. Our partners help customers by providing:

• Functions and solutions that are out of scope for Hive Streaming
• Ordering and fulfillment of Hive Streaming through an established and trusted business relationship
• Presence and support in specific market segments

We ensure Hive Streaming is fully interoperable with our partner’s solution to provide customers with a seamless experience.

Some of our trusted partners

 partner_microsoft Microsoft
 1610_partner_site_talkpoint Talkpoint
1610_partner_site_jubilant Jubilant Technologies
1610_partner_site_ustudio uStudio
 1610_partner_site_panopto Panopto
1610_partner_site_qumu  Qumu
 1610_partner_site_swisscom Swisscom
movingimage-300x188 movingimage
Talking Edge Studios
1610_partner_site_mediaplatform  Media Platform
1610_partner_streamshark StreamShark
1610_partner_site_screen9 Screen 9
1610_partner_site_coudway Cloud Way
1610_partner_site_imgplay IMG_Play
1610_partner_site_redbackconf Redback Conferencing
xtendx Xtendx
1610_partner_site_livearena Livearena

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