Seamless Integration For High-Quality Streaming

Hive Streaming’s video delivery solutions work hand-in-hand with leading content management, webcasting, and media portals.

Our Partners Set Us Apart

Dedicated Business Video Delivery Expertise

Many enterprise video companies claim to offer complete video solutions – from recording, to editing, webcasting, and more. Rather than spreading our efforts over a number of offerings, at Hive Streaming we’re singularly focused on providing the most efficient and effective video delivery solution in the market. This allows us to continually improve and expand our offerings while staying at the forefront of video delivery technology.

Our partnerships play a key role in this strategy, allowing us to seamlessly integrate into our customer’s existing enterprise video platforms, providing high-quality video delivery without the need for costly hardware installation or interruption to existing video infrastructure.

Integration Partners

Hive Streaming’s services are fully compatible with leading enterprise video communication platforms, allowing enterprises to use their existing infrastructure while ensuring that all viewers are receiving high-quality video delivery.


Player Integrations

Hive Streaming’s powerful Application Program Interface (API) allows for seamless integration and compatibility with future proof HTML5 media players and players that support Adaptive Bit Rate technologies.


Channel Partners

Hive Streaming’s robust API allows for compatibility with leading video content management systems. Enterprises are able to use existing and future video content while ensuring quality viewing experiences.


Partner Portal

We value our partners and continuously seek to improve and grow our joint capabilities. Our Partner Portal provides API integration information and support, as well as helps keep our partners up to date on Hive’s latest technology integration and business processes.

Hive Partner Portal

On Demand Support Through The Portal

Have a technology or software related question? Hive Streaming’s Partner Portal is a comprehensive support site for enterprise users who have integrated Hive Streaming with one or more of our partners’ video solutions. The Partner Portal contains overviews, walkthroughs, and FAQs on the installation and maintenance of Hive Streaming video delivery.

Partners can also submit a ticket for questions not already addressed in the portal or for specific technical issues and receive timely support from the Hive Streaming team.

Hive Streaming

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