Throughout the last five years, we have strived to exceed the expectations of all our key stakeholders: customers, partners and employees. As a result, we built a company that doubled its revenue over four consecutive years, one widely regarded as the category leader in our field.

In 2021, Hive Streaming took further steps to strengthen our commitment to customers and design our product roadmap in line with their needs, continuously asking for customer feedback and acting on it.

As global leaders began to voice a desire to keep newly distributed teams aligned on company vision and goals, we worked tirelessly to develop innovative, reliable ways to understand and quantify the true impact of internal messaging across the workforce.

A new module that measures user engagement of internal live events (part of the Hive Video Analytics offering) is a proud result of this work, released to the market in Q3 of 2021.

But even so, with the pace and scale of change global companies face, plans and goals may get turned on their head overnight – which is why we always go the extra mile to maintain a continuous dialogue with our customers and partners.

What we learned from the conversations we’ve had all throughout the past year, is that in the new normal, one size will certainly not fit all: while some organizations have already returned to the physical office, others are adopting hybrid workplace models; others yet are blazing the trail in going permanently remote.

To address the hybrid workplace challenges, Hive Streaming is expanding its products and services and are adding new skills and resources – including a Chief Product Offices with a strong background in networking and AI – to better serve the needs of our customers. These improvements will allow us to quickly respond to any shifts in the ever-evolving workplace market.

To continue empowering global enterprises with cutting-edge technology, we also set up an entirely new Artificial Intelligence team, whose focus moving into 2022 will be designing advanced solutions to enable customers to harness the power of intelligent algorithms in planning and executing important internal communication events.

A recent report by Gartner reveals that in 2021, large numbers of employees have felt fatigued, burnt out and disengaged, often due to poor digital workplace practices such as digital distraction and virtual overload. This, in part, has led to a staggering 4.4 million Americans leaving their jobs in September alone, incurring catastrophic effects for multiple organizations.

With digital transformation predicted to further accelerate in the coming year, our next product release will aim to help our customers focus their internal communication efforts and avoid critical fatigue build-up.

The new Meeting Planner AI (for Hive Video Analytics) will aim to predict the performance of planned internal communications events and their potential engagement levels, as well as be able to recommend a day, time, and duration for such events to gain the highest viewer engagement possible, minimizing the negative impacts of ‘Zoom fatigue.’

Like many of our valued customers and trusted partners, we will continue to brave these times of massive change even as we move into an uncertain 2022. While we might not yet know what the future brings, our dedication to innovating together and empowering our customers will most certainly remain our highest priority.

Our commitment to customers will remain unrelenting – no matter what the new normal looks like for each and every one.

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