Your company is probably investing big in video conferencing and live broadcasts to make sure employees can flourish in a hybrid working world. With new (and often alarming) global developments coming in one after another, it is absolutely critical that your internal communications are clear and effective.

But how do you know whether the resources you invest into producing internal broadcasts, like company-wide leadership all-hands or guest speaker appearances, are bringing the desired result and not only reaching your employees but also generating engagement among them?

We have identified the 3 most powerful questions to ask after each internal broadcast so that you can get a realistic view of whether employees are actually viewing and digesting the content of a video event, or if they simply have it on in the background while working on other things. This can also have an impact on where you should be focusing on your and your executives’ time and energy.

These 3 critical questions will help you:

  1. Find out what the single most decisive factor is in choosing your company’s way forward (whether it is to stay remote, go hybrid or even return to the physical office).
  2. Know whether guest speakers and resources invested into producing internal broadcasts are generating your desired Return Of Investment (ROI).
  3. Understand how you can make your company messaging resonate better with employees.

Download now to learn what 3 powerful questions can reveal from your workforce engagement, and how you can find the answers you need to make sure each internal communications event you do performs better than the last one.