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Enterprise Video Experience in 2020 - full report

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Video trends in internal communication

Does your company work with video as a communication tool, or do you wish to but are unsure of where to start? Do you also value employee engagement and see the importance of an aligned workforce, where each and everyone stands behind your goals and company vision?

At Hive Streaming, we help multiple Fortune 500 companies accomplish this through strategic internal video communication every day.

Hive Streaming is proud to present the first ever Enterprise Video Experience Report. Carefully researched and developed by our in-house video experience specialists using powerful data analytics.

It contains video trends in internal communication and valuable insights. Further, it takes you through clear arguments for why video as a communication tool is the way of the future. Moreover, the report discusses what recent developments in changing workplace setups may mean for your organization.

Curious to learn how your industry compares to others, and how to ensure that your internal communications resonate deeply throughout the entire workforce? Download the report today.

To sum up, If you want to learn more about how you can boost your internal communication and deliver buffer-free video communication to your entire workforce without affecting the corporate network – contact us today! 


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Enterprise communication is evolving. Stay informed to stay on top.

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