On October 7, 2021, enterprise video leader MediaPlatform united with Hive Streaming to reveal the top strategies large enterprises are using to keep their hybrid workforces connected, motivated and engaged.

The experts, John Frederick, Head of Sales at MediaPlatform and Eric Brown, Solutions Architect at Hive Streaming shared how their joint Fortune 500 companies: 

  • Use live streaming to level the performance playing field between remote and in-office workers 
  • Use live streaming to virtualize events like Sales Kickoffs, User Group Meetings, and Partner Forums 
  • Increasingly rely on live streaming for demand gen, replacing (and improving ROI from) their canceled trade show and exhibit programs 
  • Record, analyze, and correlate video viewing and engagement with sales, leads, partner, and employee performance 

The two experts also discussed how an increasingly remote and digital-first environment is posing new challenges for sales teams in businesses of all shapes and sizes. Eric Brown, Solutions Architect at Hive Streaming explained the impact of a great video experience for all and what suffering a low-quality experience can cause the business over time.  

One particular pain pointed out for the SaaS providers’ customer base in the webinar was that organizations increasingly need to rely on live streaming for demand generation, replacing more traditional trade shows and exhibit programs.  

“Many companies are bypassing ‘back to work’ predictions and embracing the idea that a hybrid workforce is the most likely outcome of our changed pandemic work habits,” said John Frederick, Head of Sales at MediaPlatform. This gives Mediaplatform and Hive Streaming the opportunity to help companies leverage and grow their video communication. As Mike Newman, CEO of Mediaplatform, has stated before “MediaPlatform and Hive have been partnering with these companies to help them understand their options and anticipate and overcome technology challenges and roadblocks.” 

Watch the webinar to gain insights into how MediaPlatform and Hive Streaming can help you leverage the industry’s most dynamic, customizable and engaging live webcasting. 

About MediaPlatform & Hive Streaming 

MediaPlatform’s end-to-end solutions and world-class services enable businesses to broadcast on their own networks, consolidate disconnected video systems, accelerate their digital workplace transition and gain insights into the reach and impact of their video communications.  

Hive Streaming helps organizations drive employee engagement by securely delivering high-quality video to global workforces. Its platform enables leaders to understand the impact of video across the entire enterprise. With a strong team of technology experts and over 100 patents, Hive is consistently recognized as a video innovation leader.  

In this webinar, they have come together to share the problems now occurring in the hybrid workforces and how companies can overcome them.