The use of video has grown immensely in recent years, beating out plain text as the most effective way to communicate. Are you not using virtual communication to convey critical messages to your employees? If so, you’re definitely missing out! And even if you do use it, chances are good that your video strategy could use some improvements.

What you’ll learn

In this guide, we take you through the basics of how to maximize the effects of virtual communication. You’ll learn everything from the common challenges of video, to the best types of videos to share. You’ll also get an understanding of why video promotes trust and a feeling of shared purpose amongst your workforce.

These insights are certainly useful for setting up and improving your corporate virtual communication strategy!

With that said, are you ready to get started and maximize the effects of virtual communication? Make sure to download the guide today.

Table of contents: How to maximize the effects of virtual communication

  • Introduction
  • Common Challenges of Video for Corporate Communication
  • Why Executive & Corporate Video Communications Are So Important
    • Promotes Trust and a Feeling of Shared Purpose
    • The Best Way to Engage Employees
    • Helps Connect Remote Workers
  • Know the Best Occasions For Sharing Video With Employees
  • Why You Need To Be Tracking & Analyzing Video
  • About Hive Streaming

Lastly, if any questions pop up along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Hope you’ll find the guide useful!