New technologies are finding their way into organizations’ communication toolbox, leading the way for individuals to embrace video in their day-to-day work activities. Simultaneously steady improvements in platform solutions have made video more cost-effective, reliable, and easier to implement on the corporate network than ever before.

The result from the end-user surveys conducted by Wainhouse Research indicates that video viewership in the workplace has been steadily increasing since 2018. Are you on top of your One-To-Many Video Communication? Or eager to get started with successful video communication and increase engagement rates?

What you’ll learn:

The Wainhouse report describes the impact video communication has on the new era of business engagement. You will get an understanding of the growing expectations employees have on business communication, with the goal of getting insights on how High-Quality streaming can help organizations enhance employee communications and boost worker productivity.

Table of Content:

  • Video Emerging as a Staple of Enterprise Communications
  • Quantifying Video’s Impact on Business Communications
  • Growing Expectations for Business Video
  • Considerations for Organizations Aiming to Get the Most from One-to-Many Video
  • About the Author / About Hive
  • About Wainhouse

More about Wainhouse

Wainhouse provides in-depth research and analysis reflecting today’s market, technology, and services for workplace communications and collaboration. Wainhouse analysts are industry experts in enterprise voice, video, team collaboration, and streaming applications, services, and devices.

Their expertise is backed by one of the most comprehensive data sets and models in the world. With domain expertise and market data combine to deliver in-depth forecasts, enterprise insight, and objective product evaluations that frame the industry’s current state and anticipated direction.

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