Internal & Corp Comms
Internal & Corp Comms

Run better live events to improve internal communication

Get an understanding of the best time to run your live video events to improve effectiveness. Track messaging across all platforms, test your event stream before it begins, and get insights on performance data to optimize your communications strategy.

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Why Internal and Corporate Comms teams love the Hive Video Experience Platform


Monitor viewership and optimize scheduling

Track viewership for each and every event to identify when drop-offs occur, and gain insight into the best time to run your live video events to maximize views for the full duration.

Gain powerful insights from robust analytics

See trends across buffering, Quality of Experience, and employee engagement to know how to better optimize your corporate live video streaming going forward.

Watch video usage rise over time

Analyze trends in how employees are interacting with video. As experiences improve, so does adoption. This creates a positive feedback loop of higher employee engagement.
Location agnostic

Deliver corporate live video streaming to every employee

Get corporate broadcasts in the hands of every employee around the world, no matter their location or equipment setup. The video maintains the same high quality across all platforms.

How Internal Comms can plan better virtual events and maximize reach

The Internal Comms team plays an important role in maintaining employee engagement. The Hive Business Blog provides insights on how to use video to keep global teams aligned and empowered to improve consumption of internal communications.


Ready for (inter)action?

Discover three ways you can build more interactivity into your organization’s next event while growing message adoption.

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What our customers say about us

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"We are very happy with our decision to deploy Hive Streaming. The results are beyond our expectations and, as a result, we are confident in Hexion in embracing video communications internally leveraging Office 365 and Microsoft Teams."

Dennis Ryan
Vice President & CIO
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