Internal & Corp Comms
Internal & Corp Comms

Plan better events to increase reach & employee engagement

Know when it’s best to run live video events. Track messaging across all platforms. Understand performance data to optimize your communications strategy.

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We are very happy with our decision to deploy Hive Streaming. The results are beyond our expectations and, as a result, we are confident in Hexion in embracing video communications internally leveraging Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.
Dennis Ryan, 
Vice President & CIO
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location agnostic

Run live events with real reach

Get corporate broadcasts in the hands of every employee, no matter their location or equipment setup. Video quality stays the same across all platforms.


Track viewership & optimize scheduling

Know who’s watching and who’s distracted during events via your dashboard. Understand which global team segments need revised messaging or a different strategic approach to get more engaged and aligned on objectives.


Understand causes & correlations

See trends across buffering, Quality of Experience, and engagement to know how to better optimize each event going forward.


Watch video usage rise over time

Adoption is an essential metric that lets you know which teams are using live video to boost their own messaging, creating a system of self-sufficiency within the company.