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Microsoft Makes It Easier Than Ever Before for Enterprises to Leverage Video as a Communications Tool

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Microsoft is continuing to expand its video streaming solutions for the enterprise by offering robust cloud-based applications for live communications as well as VOD content storage and management. You can create a live event in Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, Yammer Live Events or Skype Meeting Broadcast and save that event as a video on demand asset for later viewing. But, to fully take advantage of the capabilities these applications offer, you need to ensure your network is up to the task.

That’s Where Hive Streaming Can Help

Hive partners with Microsoft to help customers utilize their existing network investment to distribute high-quality video with the Hive software-based Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) solution. With Hive for Microsoft 365, you can reach thousands of viewers with your message without impacting other business-critical traffic on the network. Hive for Microsoft 365 also includes the tools to simulate live events before you run them and better understand the impact of streaming video across your network

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Procure Hive through the Azure & AppSource Marketplaces

Why purchase Hive through Marketplaces?

Setting up Hive via Microsoft Marketplace is a fast , safe, and efficient way to maximize your return by integrating with systems you already have in place. Procurement is cut and dry—no deliberation with sales teams, just plug and play. You’ll get immediate access to all of our enterprise video experience tools with minimal setup. IT spend can be consolidated into one invoice and you’ll end up burning down committed cloud spend to make the most of your network investments.

To find out more about our partnership with Microsoft or are you a CSP looking to resell Hive in the Marketplace? Send us an email at

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Hive in the Microsoft Marketplace

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Hive Video Operations

Hive Video Operations is a video delivery solution that secures and optimizes video distribution from source to end-user regardless of workplace location or existing infrastructure. It is a software-only solution and comes pre-integrated with Microsoft Teams and Stream, meaning setup is quick and simple. It includes the Hive Live Dashboard, allowing you to track and monitor your events in real-time. Do not expose your communication or leave employees behind—instead, ensure secure, stable, and absolute reach with best possible video viewing experience.

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Hive Video Optimization

Hive Video Optimization allows you to reach your entire workforce with large-scale optimized video experiences that promote better employee engagement and healthier internal communications. Built on your existing infrastructure, Optimization uses peer-to-peer technology to broadcast live video without fluctuation in quality, managed by our self-learning algorithms. Once set up, P2P requires no further configuration.

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Hive Video Insights

Hive Video Insights arms you with a suite of video analytics that allow you to understand the effectiveness of your company’s internal video communications. Identify key takeaways from your comms to drive decisions for your next event. Hive Insights is embedded into Microsoft Teams and Stream players in order to capture individual user metrics. Did the event run too long or too short? Did we reach everyone with the best QoE? How can we improve the experience to maximize employee engagement? Turn these insights into actions and take control of your video adoption journey.

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To find out more about our partnership with Microsoft or are you a CSP looking to resell Hive in the Marketplace? Send us an email at