Vimeo Powered by Hive Streaming

Vimeo enables professionals and organizations to create, manage, and deliver videos that keep customers and employees engaged.

With years of experience at the forefront of video streaming, Vimeo and Hive have now joined forces to change the game for companies looking to optimize their internal communications. The integration helps overcome corporate network constraints and opens the door to the very best of Vimeo’s innovative video experiences, allowing enterprises to achieve their communication goals effectively.

Hive Streaming is a best-in-class platform for corporate network optimization, live event performance analytics and viewer experience insights. With Hive, companies can easily diagnose and resolve issues before, during, and after each internal live video event they run on Vimeo Enterprise or any other video communication platform they use.

Hive Streaming multiplies the power of Vimeo

With Hive Streaming and Vimeo combined, companies can stay ahead of potential issues and make data-driven decisions to ensure that corporate video events run smoothly every time.

Why Hive Streaming for Vimeo Enterprise?

Hive Streaming began in 2007 as a research project at the Swedish Institute for Computer Science and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Our team has acquired 100+ streaming technology patents that keep Hive at the forefront of innovation.

  • Up to 99% bandwidth savings with Hive eCDN
  • Best-in-class live video event analytics and viewer behavior insights to help manage and improve Digital Employee Experience
  • Most comprehensive SLAs in the market
  • White glove service with instant 24/7 support
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager for all enterprise customers
  • Enterprise-grade security, integration built with a zero-risk approach
  • The pioneer in browser based WebRTC peering technology
  • Continuous commitment to innovation, growing portfolio of technology patents that guarantee faster loading of video data, a lower total cost of ownership, and a high quality of service

Greater insight with granular video communication analytics

Vimeo and Hive Streaming offer a range of advanced analytics tools to help companies track the performance of their videos and optimize their internal communications. Key video event insights made available via the Hive Video Experience Platform and Vimeo Enterprise integration include:

Viewer engagement analytics: user engagement with corporate videos, such as plays, likes, comments, and shares.

Remote vs. in-office viewer engagement: the Hive platform adds an extra layer of granularity by showing how engagement levels compare among viewers joining video broadcasts remotely or from the corporate office.

Audience insights: demographic and geographic data on employee viewers, as well as their viewing behavior throughout the duration of each broadcast.

Trends over time: video performance over time, including views, viewers by device and browser, and average viewership by day of the week.

Advanced video interaction data: detailed insights into user interactions with your videos, such as hover events and video clicks.

Live streaming analytics: viewer engagement and quality of service during live events, including peak concurrent viewers and stream health.

Pre-event testing: the Hive platform enables you to simulate video events on Vimeo Enterprise ahead of time to identify and troubleshoot potential issues in advance.

Instant reporting: instant visual participation reports can be generated and shared with company executives, minutes after the broadcast ends.

Live streaming and VoD analytics: viewer engagement and quality of service during live events and video on demand, including peak concurrent viewers and stream health.

How we integrate

Hive’s browser-based video optimization technology (HTML5 plugin) seamlessly wraps around the Vimeo video player, intercepts and redistributes the stream across a mesh of interconnected viewers within the corporate network, resulting in an up to a 99% reduction in Internet bandwidth consumption.

Hive helps ensure a flawless video experience for all Vimeo Enterprise viewers, regardless of whether they are working remotely or at the office. This in turn, has a direct impact on viewer engagement, keeping it consistently high throughout the duration of each broadcast and preventing viewer drop-off. After the event, viewer engagement can be validated with Hive’s instant live video event reporting.