Better video experience = higher engagement

Research shows that even a 1% increase in buffering ratio can significantly reduce user engagement with live video content. That is why Fortune 500 companies use Hive to reach their entire workforce in the highest quality possible and keep engagement high, regardless of employee location.


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Enterprise video solutions for all the insight and oversight you need

Create a seamless enterprise video streaming experience with products that can work together or independently.

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Crystal-clear video for everyone, everywhere

  • Each viewer automatically gets the best possible video quality
  • No impact to network performance, up to 99% bandwidth savings
  • Adaptive bit rate (ABR) and congestion control to eliminate buffering
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Real-time alerts for instant issue mitigation

  • Resolve video experience issues with real-time alerts and recommendations that you can execute on the spot
  • Ensure that any arising issues are mitigated before they impact your audience
  • Receive instant video disruption alerts during each live event
  • Modify stream bitrate in real time to improve VX and prevent failure
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Industry-leading video event analytics

  • Access granular video performance data, down to individual sites and devices
  • Pinpoint where Quality of Experience can be improved across your network
  • Simulate each stream ahead of time, identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot before going live
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Analyze & Optimize

Unique viewer engagement insights

  • Instant live event reports show how engaged your employees are with internal company messaging throughout each event
  • Know if employees are more engaged at home or at the office while maintaining full individual viewer privacy
  • Easily export and share video event insights with other teams and company executives
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Onboarding & Customer Success

Easy to deploy and manage

  • Hive can be enabled and ready to use in under 5 minutes
  • No software installation required with WebRTC
  • 24/7 support and expert guidance from dedicated Customer Success team
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Privacy & Security

Enterprise-grade security you can always trust

Data protection is central to our product design. Hive’s backend is protected by Microsoft Azure and kept safe in two separate physical locations.

  • Hive has zero access to your data
  • All viewer PI is anonymized
  • Data is fully encrypted during transfer and at rest
How we keep you safe
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"Hive Streaming not only helped us provide a high-quality video experience, but also ensure consistency throughout the entire broadcast, which helps to keep employees watching until the very end."
Tim Ravn Lauridsen
Global Digital Workplace Director