Hive Streaming is providing SaaS buyers a trusted option to procure its services via Azure Marketplace. Supporting fundamental changes in buyer behavior of B2B solutions

With the goal of providing employees with the ultimate video experience, Hive Streaming has recently strengthened its alliance with Microsoft. We’ve officially launched a co-selling agreement through Azure Marketplace. The partnership will support enterprise tech buyers that are increasingly looking to reduce buyer friction. This by transacting online in a trusted environment.

The tech buying behavior is changing rapidly. There is a widening gap between buyer expectations and the means offered by vendors. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. Amplified by the Covid-19 crisis, the migration from an in-person selling-buying process to a pure digital interaction creates a unique shift in buying practices.

“As buyers are increasingly demanding self-service options, Azure Marketplace provides Hive Streaming with an opportunity to scale and to reach new markets using a channel that meets key concerns about data privacy and security” says Johan Ljungberg, CEO of Hive Streaming. “Managing to pry open the Japanese market immediately following the launch of our solutions on Azure Marketplace, is a testament to the trust that such a channel creates. Our customer was able to transact via the customer agreements they already had in place with Microsoft in Japan.”

Azure Marketplace allows business and technical decision-makers to discover and try out new solutions, and even to buy and manage their purchases or subscriptions online. “Microsoft has long invested in marketplaces as a means to reach our customers. Today we are investing more than ever to make sure we deliver the best buyer journey experience. For key Microsoft partners such as Hive Streaming, marketplaces represent a powerful tool to expand their sales footprint” says Bertrand Launay, GM, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft.

image of hive and azure

About Azure Marketplace

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store that offers applications and services either built on or designed to integrate with Microsoft’s Azure public cloud. The products and services sold through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace come from either Microsoft directly or its technology partners 

About Hive Streaming

Hive Streaming helps enterprises and organizations to drive employee engagement. All by providing a video experience platform maximizing video reach, quality, and interaction at scale. And its list of customers counts more than 130 global companies. And these represent some of the world’s most innovative and admired brands.