The Hive Customer Experience Commitment

For the past few years, Hive Streaming has listened closely to you, our customers: what you need, what you want, how we can help you thrive. Thanks to this, we have scaled our ambition, evolved our mission, and set out to achieve our purpose.
Our purpose is to deliver on customers desired outcomes whilst ensuring a world- class customer experience throughout all stages of the customer journey
Today, we are proud to present one outcome of this work: The Hive Customer Experience Commitment, a set of principles and beliefs we share that ensure we continuously put our customers first and exceed their expectations.
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The 6 founding principles of The Hive Customer Experience Commitment are:


Providing value in every interaction

We offer you something of value before we take up your time. We are proactive and look beyond your immediate needs and consider your long-term goals.


Quick & helpful response

Your interaction with Hive is quick and seamless, regardless of which team you interact with. Our ability to collaborate across teams directly contributes to your success, and your questions and concerns are addressed quickly.


Asking for feedback and acting on it

Your voice matters. We listen to customer needs and wishes at all stages of the Hive Streaming experience from pre-sales through implementation, support, reviews & assessments, and off-boarding.



Your experience as our customer should be open and transparent. Transparency applies to all aspects of our interactions: pricing, contracts, licensing, product roadmap, issue handling, troubleshooting, and more.


Earning Trust

You trust that our messages are accurate, that what we sell matches up to what we say it is, and that if anything goes wrong, we’ll support you. We earn customers’ trust by being available and flexible, building relationships, improving security, and providing accurate data.


Putting customers first

We innovate in collaboration with our customers and listen to your needs. We don’t make our internal process your problem. We understand that what is easier for us might not always be the easiest for you, consider customers’ voice and feedback and act in flexible ways.


Thank you for your continued trust in Hive Streaming

We take pride in anticipating enterprise needs and meeting the demands of the ever-evolving workplace, and constantly strive to bolster our solutions with your feedback in mind.