Reporting and Analytics for Microsoft Live Events

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Is your company using Microsoft 365 today? Microsoft is a true leader in the enterprise video communications space and continues to find ways to empower its customers to communicate effectively with video.

There’s a common misconception that Hive Streaming is just an eCDN partner of Microsoft. But Hive Streaming’s Analytics and Reporting can provide substantial value for Microsoft customers – regardless of whether or not you need an eCDN.

In this webinar, you get an overview of the capabilities that Microsoft provides for its customers to broadcast live events. You’re also provided with a walkthrough of the different modules of Hive Analytics.

This webinar was recorded in June 2020 and was organized by Hive Streaming and Microsoft. We really hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Topics we discuss in webinar: Reporting and Analytics for Microsoft Live Events

  • Meeting vs live event: what’s the difference?
  • Live event coming up! Do I choose Teams, Yammer or Stream?
  • Why is Microsoft and Hive Streaming such a good match?
  • A sneak peek of Hive Analytics (Yammer, Stream and Microsoft Teams analytics and reporting features)

Background story

Most companies have embraced video in past years to communicate to the workforce and to boost their engagement. If you haven’t – you’re very much likely embracing it since 2020.

As video becomes a greater part of everyday work life, we also need to find new ways to get our employees engaged and connected. We’re all in different industries, but the true heartbeat of any business is employee engagement. When employees are aligned on corporate objectives, it really has a direct effect on the bottom line.

You might already be aware – but video is a very effective engagement tool.

If you prefer reading, we also have a blog post on the topic covering: Reporting and Analytics for Microsoft Live Events here.

For more details on Hive Analytics – please visit this page.

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