Since Hive Streaming was founded, we have been diligent in seeking to protect the company’s R&D by filing patent applications. The drivers have been two-fold: First, we believe we have something worth protecting having developed a highly performant video distribution solution, and second, Hive Streaming has its roots in research and academia with a clear ambition to maintain those ties as the company grows and evolves. Employees with academic aspirations can pursue higher level masters and doctoral programs, and publish their results, whilst still having an active role in product development.

So protection by obscurity has never been an option for Hive since the outset. We have consistently protected innovation using patent filing as the key part of our IPR strategy. Filing patents allow the company to protect important system concepts and features whilst also allowing employees pursuing an academic career to publish their results.

Looking at the numbers, this has resulted in 14 patent families comprising 100+ members. In fact, Hive Streaming has 70+ national patents granted worldwide with nine granted patents in the US and 50+ granted European patents in places such as Germany, Great Britain, France and the Netherlands. Recently, we had our first patent granted in Russia!

Applying for and having patents granted is a considerable expense for a start-up. We believe we’ve made the right decision; a pro-active IPR strategy has helped us to attract and retain highly talented people and build a relatively large patent portfolio. This IPR strategy, combined with an outstanding product,  has clearly helped to position us as a leading technology company in the field of video streaming.

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