Celebrating Success in Enterprise Streaming Media

Celebrating Success in Enterprise Streaming Media

It’s been a tremendous year for Hive Streaming! In 2017, we more than doubled our customer base, adding customers from all industry segments, including some of the world’s leading enterprises. In addition, the continued support from our foundational customers and go-to-market partners – particularly Microsoft and PGi/Talkpoint – has put the company on a high growth trajectory. Our partner-focused strategy will continue to be at our core and several new high-profile partnerships will be announced during 2018 as the market realizes that a common video distribution solution catering for many different video applications is what large enterprises want. To meet growing demand, we have strengthened our team significantly and just this past month added a new Chief of Sales and Marketing, Ville Paasonen, an ex-Microsoft executive.

From a Hive perspective, there are a number of market changes that support our current offering and long-term roadmap:

1. Growing list of Enterprise Collaboration tools has announced support and encourage the use of life and on-demand video including; Microsoft Stream, Skype Meeting Broadcast, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and HipChat.

2. The Death of Adobe Flash Player and the subsequent end of legacy multicast will accelerate the search for alternatives and the adoption of standards-based video technologies.

3. Growing browser support for WebRTC which will enable peer-based technologies, such as Hive Streaming, to further expand the reach of live video within enterprises without additional hardware or a software client.

We believe that these market dynamics will result in 2018 being the year where regular live video broadcasts become a way of doing business in modern enterprises. Impromptu broadcasts from the executive work desk, not enterprise disrupting town halls, will help reduce a significant portion of corporate travel and help build corporate alignment.

Thanks to our customers and partners for contributing to our success in 2017. Please read our recently published case study from Kemira, a global chemical company, which highlights how Hive Streaming is integrating with multiple video applications to provide a unified video delivery solution.

From all at Hive Streaming, we wish you and yours a joyous Holiday Season and best wishes for the New Year!

Johan Ljungberg Hive Streaming CEO.