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StreamShark is an end-to-end live streaming platform for reliable delivery of live video to websites, intranets and social destinations.

From All Hands, AGMs, product announcements and everything in between – StreamShark is trusted with streaming the live events of some of the largest, high profile companies and billion dollar brands in the world. They depend on StreamShark’s expertise in reliable delivery of live and on-demand video content, and leverage StreamShark to give their audiences an exceptional viewing experience across all major platforms and devices.

StreamShark is architected to reliability and elegantly scale to deliver large scale live streams of internal or public events. Their operator friendly workflows solve the common pain points around live and on-demand streaming for enterprises. StreamShark supports the complete workflow: live stream setup, testing with desired security measures (Digital Rights Management, Access Control, Single Sign On), transcoding for adaptive bitrate streaming, global multi-CDN delivery, effectively interacting with viewers, creating live highlights and trimming archives. Furthermore, enterprise customers who opt to use their peer-based delivery enjoy the Hive for StreamShark integration, which leverages Hive Streaming to deliver an exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE) for viewers while reducing load on the corporate network and achieving significant bandwidth savings.

Hive and StreamShark have successfully worked together to deploy enterprise live streaming solutions with peer-based delivery for some of the leading social media companies.


StreamShark’s live and on-demand workflows support peer-based delivery via Hive


Hive is deeply integrated into StreamShark’s Event platform and applies to live events including DVR (catch-up while live), instant archives of live events as well as videos offered on-demand. StreamShark has native support for all Hive modes of P2P acceleration – HiveJava, HiveU and StatsJS.


The integration is completely automated and performs seamlessly without any manual configuration.

Ease of Use with 2-click Process

StreamShark’s Enterprise users include some of the best video teams in the world. While these teams have deep technical expertise, they seek efficient, practical and reliable workflows that they can count on. StreamShark has made it very easy for their users to leverage Hive in 2-clicks as described below.

Within StreamShark, Add an Event with two Hive specific options enabled i.e. set the ‘Hive Integration’ and ‘Auto Generate Hive Ticket’ options to ON. With these options enabled, the Hive API creates matching events (called ‘tickets’) on the Hive system, updates these as needed and keeps StreamShark and Hive metadata in sync at all times. Hive provides detailed QoE insights for StreamShark Events for review by users. This straightforward automated workflow has been key in our joint customers effectively adopting and maximizing use of StreamShark and Hive for all confidential and restricted events across their enterprise.

Exceptional Viewer Experience

The figure below depicts the delivery of StreamShark live streams to Standard Viewers vs. Viewers with Hive.

The contribution feed is pushed to an Event created in StreamShark. Upon going live, the feed is shown on StreamShark’s video player with the live feed delivered via StreamShark multi-CDN to viewers. Viewers that don’t have the Hive client or browser plugin available, download the video segments directly from StreamShark CDN servers. However, if the Hive client or browser plugin is installed, Viewers can effectively use their devices as distribution nodes.

StreamShark sees efficiency gains of up to 80% – 90% (i.e. percentage of traffic delivered over P2P vs. the CDN/Internet) with enterprise customers that have elected to enable this feature. Regardless of the device type or browser, StreamShark gracefully falls back to deliver the best possible experience and insights for viewers, from desktop to mobile. The StreamShark video player reports the Hive Insights back into the platform for users to review key QoE metrics.

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