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The StreamShark platform leverages innovative technology to solve the common pain points around live and on-demand streaming. StreamShark’s expertise covers the complete workflow: from live stream setup and testing with desired security measures (DRM, access control, SSO) to transcoding for adaptive bitrate streaming to global multi-CDN delivery of live content to viewers across all platforms and devices. StreamShark provides redundancy at every step of the live streaming workflow with automatic failovers that ensure an exceptional viewing experience for audiences.

The Hive for StreamShark’s integration allows you to leverage Hive Streaming to deliver an exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE) for your viewers, for both Live Events and, immediately after the event is complete, On-Demand (DVR) catch-up. Hive is deeply integrated into StreamShark’s Event platform in a totally seamless fashion with no manual configuration required. When creating new Events in StreamShark, you simply set the ‘Hive Integration’ and ‘Auto Generate Hive Ticket’ options to ON. Matching events (called “tickets” in Hive) are created and updated as needed on the Hive system directly via the Hive API, making sure StreamShark and Hive are in sync at all times.


The StreamShark platform enables you to use Hive Streaming for either on demand or live event work flows.


StreamShark has native support for all Hive modes of P2P acceleration:

  • Native using the Desktop Client – HiveJava
  • Browser-based using the Javascript plugin – HiveU
  • Stats-Only using the Javascript plugin – StatsJS

The StreamShark platform gracefully falls back to deliver the best possible experience for viewers and enables detailed QoE insights for the customer, regardless of the device type or browser.   

For further information on StreamShark, please contact Hive Streaming oHIVEr reach out directly to

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