GlobalMeet Webcast Powered by Hive Streaming

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GlobalMeet Webcast Provides a DIY, Cloud-Based, Enterprise-Grade Webcasting Content Distribution Service

GlobalMeet Webcast is well known for providing webcasting services to Fortune 500 companies, including many financial institutions. GlobalMeet Webcast provides a do-it-yourself, cloud-based, enterprise-grade webcasting service. Through any Internet browser, users can create and launch a webcast using a webcam, video conferencing unit, a corporate studio or even a simple telephone.

Hive Streaming was selected as the software-based distribution solution of choice for GlobalMeet Webcast.

Hive Streaming for GlobalMeet Webcast
The GlobalMeet Webcast platform enables you to use Hive Streaming for either on demand or live event work flows.

How it Integrates

In terms of the Hive Streaming integration, the GlobalMeet Webcast platform provides the portal infrastructure that enables you to schedule and plan events that will utilize Hive Streaming. To enable the viewing or playback of a Hive enabled event/channel, the embedded player is accessed via the GlobalMeet Webcast portal and the Hive Agent running on the viewer’s device is initiated.

Reporting on Hive-enabled events can be integrated into the GlobalMeet Webcast portal.