Workplace Powered by Hive Streaming

Workplace is an enterprise connectivity platform developed by Facebook, Inc. and features tools like groups, instant messaging and News Feed. Workplace has integrated Hive Streaming into the Workplace platform to help their customers deliver live video broadcasts more efficiently within their networks.
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Hive Streaming Ready-To-Go for Workplace Enterprise Live Customers

Hive WebRTC is pre-integrated with Workplace and, in select Workplace SKUs that include the Enterprise Live feature, is already activated and working in the background to make Workplace live video broadcasts more efficient. To learn more about which Workplace SKUs include Enterprise Live, visit here or contact your Workplace representative.

Workplace customers can also contact Hive directly to procure additional Hive services for their Workplace live video delivery needs, such as:

  • Reporting and Analytics via Hive Insights
  • Hive Agent – for non-WebRTC compliant browsers
  • Silent Testing – Agent based distribution only
  • Customized site and network optimizations
  • Hive ECDN for Facebook Workplace

Hive Streaming can be used to optimize the delivery of live internal video broadcasts from within Workplace.

How we Integrate

Hive WebRTC is integrated within the Workplace service and the Workplace video player. For some customers, Hive WebRTC is working in the background whenever a one-to-many video broadcast is being conducted within Workplace.

Hive WebRTC in Workplace will provide video delivery efficiencies to viewers using WebRTC enabled browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Workplace customers who want all the features and efficiencies of the Hive Streaming service, or who aren’t using WebRTC enabled browsers, should engage with Hive or their Workplace representative to understand the additional options available to them.

How it Works

When using Hive Streaming Client based solutions or using WebRTC, a Hive Streaming proprietary call is specified to the Kaltura player plug-in (or in the case of WebRTC, directly to the browser) to uniquely identify the video stream to be viewed.