Hive For Qumu

Hive for QUMU Integration

QUMU Helps Enterprises Create, Manage and Share Video Using Peer to Peer Delivery.

Qumu has chosen to white label the Hive Streaming solution under the name of Qumu Pathfinder Client. For customers looking for a software-based P2P solution for video distribution, Qumu will offer the Qumu Pathfinder Client as part of their enterprise video solution.

An end-to-end video solution with a focus on enterprise use cases rather than media or consumer.  Qumu has built an open and extensible video architecture – Qumu Qx – that integrates extensively with existing systems, including VDI, mobile, video conferencing and unified communications.

Hive Streaming For QUMU

The Qumu Pathfinder Client enables you to use Hive Streaming for either on demand or live event work flows.

How it Integrates

The Qumu Pathfinder Client further extends Qumu’s enterprise video delivery capabilities by complementing their eCDN offering (Pathfinder Edge) with a software content delivery network (sCDN). In terms of the solution, Qumu Pathfinder Client allows a user’s local computer to communicate with other Pathfinder Client enabled computers on the network to dynamically stream video content using an intelligent peering model.

Working in conjunction with Qumu’s video platform, this solution optimizes delivery to branch and remote sites to provide the best quality video stream possible while preserving the WAN links for critical business traffic.

hive for qumu

Reporting and analytics for Qumu Pathfinder Client enabled events is integrated into your Qumu customer portal and their comprehensive Video Analytics package.

Read more about our partnership with Qumu in this Hive Streaming blog post.


Hive Streaming, or Qumu Pathfinder Client, seamlessly integrates to retain all of Qumu’s features while providing advanced video streaming in a software-based platform.

Increased Connectivity


Hive Streaming complements Qumu’s ECDN solution by providing a software-based solution. Users can connect their local computers to Pathfinder Client enabled computers to stream high-quality video.

Video Streaming Anywhere

Video Streaming

Hive Streaming for Qumu optimizes delivery to remote locations, maintaining video quality without impacting the network, reserving bandwidth for other critical business operations.

Integrated Reporting


Hive’s video streaming data is integrated into Qumu’s comprehensive Video Analytics reporting portal.

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