Hive for West

Hive for West Integrations


West Digital Media Solutions Delivers Mission-Critical Communications For the Enterprise.

West has chosen Hive Streaming to provide secure, reliable and scalable video content delivery behind the enterprise firewall to their customers.  The Hive Solutions have been integrated with the West Webcast Pro and West Studio streaming products.

Hive for West

West’s Webcasting & Streaming solutions enable you to use Hive as an ECDN for live workflows.

How We Integrate

The integration with West Webcast Pro and West Studio, utilizes our Hive Streaming proprietary player plug-in to leverage the Hive Client to deliver the stream internally to your end users.

Alternatively, or as a complement to the Hive agent, Hive offers a browser based WebRTC solution (without the need of any installable agent). More information on the benefits and limitations of Hive WebRTC can be found here.


How It Works

When using Hive Streaming Client based solutions or using WebRTC, a Hive Streaming proprietary call is specified to the West player plug-in (or in the case of WebRTC, directly to the browser) to uniquely identify the video stream to be viewed.


The Hive for West integrations work seamlessly with the West media players to deliver high-quality video.

Increased Connectivity



The West Webcast Pro and West Studio  integrations with Hive Streaming enables more viewers to watch/attend live internal meetings, such as your company Town Hall.

Hive Streaming Admin

Hive Streaming

A Hive Streaming ticket is generated using the Hive Streaming Admin console, enabling the viewing or playback of a hive enabled event.

Flexible Viewing


The West plug-in for Hive Streaming enables the viewing of live video events, providing a software-based option that ensures broadcast quality across viewers and locations.

A Hive-enabled event or channel can be accessed through the customer’s portal for playback on a viewers’ device.

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