Hive for Panopto

Hive for Panopto



Panopto enables you to record, live stream, and host all of your organization’s video content.

Since 2007, Panopto has been a pioneer in video capture software, video content management systems, and inside-video search technology. Today, Panopto’s video platform is used by Fortune 500 companies and top universities around the world to stream live events, securely manage their video content, and record presentations, training events, lectures, and more.

Panopto’s integration with Hive Streaming enables you to dramatically reduce bandwidth required to stream live and on-demand videos across your network.

Hive Streaming for Panopto

The Panopto video player allows you to use Hive Streaming for both live and on-demand video, including complex/synchronized dual-stream viewer experiences.

How it Integrates

End-users may use the installed Hive Streaming Hive Agent or a WebRTC-compliant browser (no additional installation required). Hive acts as a transparent HTTP proxy between the streaming server and the video player. This peer-based network delivers video across corporate WANs very efficiently, reducing traffic to the Panopto video streaming server and improving quality of service to end users.

In addition, Hive Insights provides real-time and historical analytics that enable you to measure the quality of service (QoS) of your video delivery, identify issues, and resolve them.

Together, Panopto and Hive Streaming provide businesses and universities with best-in-class video capture, management, and delivery.

Features Include

The ability to conduct dual-stream live video experiences and support for Hive WebRTC.


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