Channel Partners


The Hive Channel Partner Program provides in-market services to get you up and running with a complete video management and distribution solution. Our partners are selected based on their enterprise video expertise and knowledge of the Hive solution.

If you are interested in becoming a channel partner, please contact us at


Since October 2016, Hive Streaming has been successfully working with Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG in the Swiss market to offer enterprises a complete video management and delivery solution. Recently we formalized our relationship – more details here. Swisscom Event and Media Services has deep expertise in unified communications and digital media. Together Hive Streaming and SwissCom are extending the opportunities for enterprises to broadcast live video presentations on an international scale without the need for additional hardware purchases. Swisscom also has strong relationships with Microsoft and movingimage, who provide critical components of a complete enterprise video delivery and management platform. More information on our partnership is available in this Hive Streaming blog post.


Screen9 is an Online Video Platform company focused on corporate communications within the eCommerce and Publishing industries. Established in the year 2000, Screen9 is headquartered in Sweden with European offices, serving customers across the globe. More information can be found on Screen9 here


movingimage is a global provider of secure enterprise video technology and focuses on how enterprises manage their digital assets and implement video. They offer cutting edge SaaS solutions to international enterprises and boast an extensive customer portfolio of over 500 companies, including DAX-listed corporations such as the Volkswagen Group and Deutsche Börse. Hive works closely with moving image in Germany and Switzerland. Read about our partnership announcement in this Hive Streaming blog post.


Talking Edge is based in London and has deep expertise in; capturing and editing video for corporate events and conferences, video streaming, and in facilitating internal enterprise communications. They work with their customers to gain an understanding of their audience and then customize that “aligns video content to the customer’s journey”. Further information about the services offered by Talking Edge Studios can be found here and you can read more about our relationship in this Hive Streaming blog post.


Redback Conferencing is an Australian organization dedicated to helping the way people meet, present and collaborate at a distance. They help deploy the latest Webinar, Webcasting, Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing and Cloud Video Conferencing technologies to Australian businesses while delivering a high level of support, ease of use and peace of mind. Further information can be found here


CloudWay is based in Norway and partners with enterprises to help them deploy cloud services. Their Our is to remove blockers and help combine existing services with cloud services. CloudWay can be engaged as a partner or advisor in projects, project managers, and trainers. They have deep expertise working with Skype For Business, Enterprise Mobility and Security, and Office 365. Find out more here


IMG Play serves the Norwegian market bringing together strategy, communications, training and digitization to address customer challenges. They have offices in Oslo and Copenhagen and have deep expertise in guiding enterprises on video platform deployment. More information is available here.

We Partner With The World’s Leading Enterprise Video Solution Providers.