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StreamShark overview

StreamShark is the trusted video platform that helps the smartest enterprises scale their communication. Built on a foundation of security and redundancy at every stage, StreamShark offers an end-to-end live and on-demand video streaming service including remote management, engagement analytics and company branded video portals. IT, unified communications and marketing teams at companies with a global reach depend on StreamShark to deliver a reliable and high quality viewer experience.

Hive and StreamShark have successfully worked together to deploy enterprise streaming solutions with peer-based delivery for some of the leading social media companies. As a technology partner and reseller for many years, StreamShark has an in-depth understanding of all of the Hive peer-based delivery solutions as well as the capabilities of Hive’s API.

StreamShark’s Workflows Support Peer-Based Delivery Via Hive

Unique StreamShark and Hive Integration Benefits

Fully Automated Integration

Enable Hive Streaming for an event with a single click via a completely automated integration that performs seamlessly without any manual configuration.

SSO identified viewers

Automatically identify each individual viewer and link their corresponding QoE metrics in Hive via StreamShark’s deep integration with customer Single Sign On (SSO) providers.

Metrics per ingest

Access QoE metrics for viewers even on failover of primary ingest to backup ingest.

Tailored Reports

Review your company’s utilization of Hive as well as key QoE metrics for events via tailored reports generated by StreamShark.

More solutions from StreamShark

Encoder Management

Remote configuration and control of your encoders for turnkey live streaming to StreamShark and social destinations, from video source to playout.

Privacy Policy

Combine multiple privacy rules such as SSO, IP, Referrer and Geographical Restrictions to meet complex organizational security requirements.

Encryption & DRM

End-to-End encryption of your live streams from contribution to end-user delivery to ensure your content is only visible to correctly authorized viewers.

Exceptional Viewer Experience

The figure below depicts the delivery of StreamShark live streams to Standard Viewers vs. Viewers with Hive.

The contribution feed is pushed to an Event created in StreamShark. Upon going live, the feed is shown on StreamShark’s video player with the live feed delivered via StreamShark multi-CDN to viewers. For clusters of viewers on the corporate network, Hive WebRTC (requires no software installation) or the installed Hive client/browser plugin select which viewers download from the CDN and effectively use their devices as distribution nodes.

StreamShark sees efficiency gains up to 90% (i.e. percentage of traffic delivered over P2P vs. the CDN/Internet) with enterprise customers that have elected to enable this feature. Regardless of the device type or browser, StreamShark gracefully falls back to deliver the best possible experience and insights for viewers, from desktop to mobile. The StreamShark video player reports the Hive Insights back into the platform for users to review key QoE metrics.