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Our category-leading software-only video distribution algorithms enable us to develop innovative VX products, pushing the boundaries for the reach and quality of strategic video events such as town halls, webinars and virtual events.

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The VX vision


What makes great video experience?

Stream interruptions, buffering, and poor video quality are just some of the things that may cause viewers to disengage with a broadcast – or drop off altogether.

To ensure internal messaging gets through, companies must ensure all employees can benefit from:

  • Highest video quality possible
  • Zero buffering
  • Stable network connectivity



Why is VX crucial?

In today's fast-paced business landscape, effective communication is the key to not just commercial success – but company survival.

As a vital category within Digital Employee Experience (DEX), VX is among the key factors directly impacting strategic alignment and engagement – two critical elements that determine your organization's ability to remain competitive in a world that is constantly changing.


Poor Video Experience


Great Video Experience


Buffering & quality issues

Over 70% of employees report technical difficulties during virtual meetings.


Entertainment-quality video

Higher bitrates drive higher audience engagement – measurable at the physical level.


Low Engagement

A single buffering event can cause happiness to drop 14% and focus to fall by 8%.


High Engagement

No buffering ensures viewers stay on till the end.


Mass Viewer Drop-Off

After just 4 minutes of buffering, only 17% of the audience endures. After 9 minutes, just 4% remain.


Audience Retention

Video quality significantly affects both viewer retention and message recall.

Thumbs down


Thumbs up


Attendee drop-off, occasional and passive participation
Thumbs down


Thumbs up


Attendee retention, consistent & active participation

Sources: OWL Labs, Akamai, Conviva

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"Hive Streaming not only helped us provide a high-quality video experience, but also ensure consistency throughout the entire broadcast, which helps to keep employees watching until the very end."
Tim Ravn Lauridsen
Global Digital Workplace Director

Who is VX for?

VX has emerged as a key priority for large organizations using video to communicate internally, including for town halls, strategic announcements or professional training.

Companies on the Fortune 1000 list and beyond utilize a reliable video experience platform to ensure internal messaging gets across – and access the data to prove it.


Supercharge your existing video stack

The Hive VX Platform integrates seamlessly with any number of video communication tools to deliver world-class video experiences to every viewer by optimizing the quality, reach, and impact of your internal messaging, regardless of possible network limitations.

Our integration portfolio

Full-cycle live video event support

With Hive, you can take control of your live video events before, during and after; access granular video performance data and unique viewer engagement insights – product features currently unmatched by other market vendors.

How hive helps secure your events at every stage

Transform your internal video events with the Hive VX Platform


Test your network by simulating any stream ahead of time

Identify and fix potential issues before going live


Ensure the highest possible quality for all viewers

Get more out of the video platforms you already use


Analyze stream performance and track long-term KPIs

Understand trends in audience engagement

Share a summary of the most powerful insights with non-technical teams

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