Video Operations

Ensure video event success with live stream tests

Perform live stream tests without going live, monitor stream health during showtime, and act on detailed stream alerts to be sure live streams are executed flawlessly every time.

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operations product for live stream tests
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A flawless live stream from beginning to end

  • Identify any network issues and fix them before going live
  • Monitor stream health as the event runs
  • Get notified immediately if any streaming issues occur
silent testing feature

Test stream without going live

All networks update constantly. Identify poor network configurations or bottlenecks and fix them before going live with undetectable pre-event Silent Testing.

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Zero-installation testing with WebRTC

WebRTC requires no installation or browser extensions, and works with every video communication platform powered by Hive. Tests can use an actual live stream running on a partner platform, allowing you to identify potential issues and troubleshoot them before showtime.

  • Draws on same robust analytics as actual video broadcasts
  • Compatible with most modern web browsers
  • Kill switch to interrupt a test if network becomes overwhelmed
monitoring feature
Coming soon: Monitoring

Real-time stream health monitoring

Reduce friction while streaming by monitoring key metrics as they update in real time. Identify and eliminate problems before they multiply.

alerts feature
Coming soon: Alerts

Live stream alerts center

Get notified immediately when issues occur to fix them proactively, avoiding any interruption to high-profile events.

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"We are very happy with our decision to deploy Hive Streaming. The results are beyond our expectations and, as a result, we are confident in Hexion in embracing video communications internally leveraging Office 365 and Microsoft Teams."

Dennis Ryan
Vice President & CIO
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