Enterprise Video Distribution

Making Enterprise Video Distribution Simple

An Overview Of Enterprise Video Delivery

Hive Enterprise Video Distribution provides a simple and powerful video streaming solutions for live and on-demand enterprise video distribution. The Hive Enterprise Video Distribution solution is 100 % software based, can be centrally managed, and requires no additional hardware and comes with the following promises:

  • Secure
  • Simple to deploy
  • Delivers the video
  • Protects the network at all times
  • Requires no ongoing configuration

The Most Cost Effective Enterprise Video Distribution Solution

Hive Streaming is an easy to deploy, software-only video distribution solution for both Live and VOD that scales to thousands of simultaneous viewers without impact to your network.

For the User
Engaging and high quality video across the entire enterprise network.

For The Video Production Manager
Highly scalable and efficient video distribution service reaching the entire organization.

Real-time reporting and network monitoring of live broadcasts and on-demand distribution. Advanced tools for QoE analytics down to individual users.

Comprehensive Silent Testing tools to fully test the entire chain of production prior to major events.

For the Network Owner
Cost-effective setup, management, and monitoring of video distribution.

Video Delivery Solution Benefits

High Quality Video

High Quality


Our peer-assisted delivery technology ensures that each viewer gets the best quality video possible without impacting your network. Hive Streaming supports the latest HTTP adjustable bit rate (ABR) streaming protocols.

Troubleshoot in Advance

in Advance

Hive Streaming also allows you to perform Silent Testing prior to launching your event. This empowers you to test your network down to the individual desktop to detect possible trouble spots and network readiness prior to the event. This can be done without impacting employees or your network.

Security is our Focus

is our Focus

Hive Streaming uses enterprise-grade security practices to protect devices and content from theft, corruption, malicious attacks and viruses.  Hive Streaming supports encrypted video distribution via the latest DRM technologies, however we never have any direct access to the content nor does the content pass through our infrastructure.

Incredibly Insightful Analytics

Hive Insights, the Hive Streaming analytics service, provides a vast array of statistics including:

  • Aggregated event metrics – viewer participation, quality of experience, viewing time, streaming performance, network impact, & more.
  • Powerful ranking lists – locations and viewers by size, quality of experience, & more.
  • Extensive text and map-based filtering capabilities to drill-down into event statistics by geographic location, customer site, and individual viewer experience.
  • Unique network visualizations – illustrating the impact of streaming video on the network.

The List View displays the most recent events, QoS, number of viewers, duration, and much more.

The Graph View shows a detailed interface where you can examine numbers more carefully and see the overall performance.

Enterprise Ecosystem Friendly

Ecosystem Friendly

At Hive Streaming we focus on providing the best video delivery experience possible. We realize we are only part of an enterprise’s video solution. For this reason, we integrate with leading content management, webcasting, and media portals. Our robust API will integrate with most leading solutions. See a list of our video player technology integrations.

Ahead Of The Curve

Ahead Of
The Curve

The next phase of video viewing for many will not involve a software download. Hive Streaming can deliver video to select browsers where you can’t or don’t want to deploy enterprise software. This browser delivery capability is based on the WebRTC video standard and is compatible with the Hive Streaming Enterprise Video Distribution suite of solutions – see Hive WebRTC for more details.

Cost Effective To Launch And Support

Cost Effective To
Launch And Support

Hive Streaming is 100% software-based and is easy to configure. An enterprise-wide deployment can be achieved in a matter of days. Consumption based and Enterprise pricing is available.

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