Every single employee matters

Hive helps create a culture of inclusion by putting the power of high-quality video communication in the hands of each and every employee.

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We are very happy with our decision to deploy Hive Streaming. The results are beyond our expectations and, as a result, we are confident in Hexion in embracing video communications internally leveraging Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.
Dennis Ryan, 
Vice President & CIO
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Inspire employees at home and in the office, worldwide

Deliver the same high-quality video to every employee globally, no matter their location, device, or internet bandwidth.

Executive reporting

Executive live event reports

Create customized live event reports in just a few clicks with your Executive Dashboard. Access an interactive online version or export in PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF.


Clear direction and engaged teams

Make sure your teams are aligned and working towards the right goals. Hive works across platforms and powers leading integrations to ensure secure, high-quality video is accessible to all employees.


Track video adoption across your enterprise

Adoption is an essential metric that lets you know how your entire organization engages in video communication over time, creating a self-propagating system where video becomes the go-to means of communication within the company.

Video lifespan

Understand the lifespan of every video

Gain insight into how each piece of communication performs throughout its life cycle, from original stream until latest engagement. Understand what kind of content has longevity and brings long-term value to employees.