Hive WebRTC Video

Extend The Power of Hive Streaming via the Browser with WebRTC Video Streaming

It’s not always possible to install a Hive client in all environments and on all devices. Hive WebRTC solves this challenge.

Organizations, wishing to scale video communications without investing in additional bandwidth or hardware, choose the Hive Streaming. We believe Hive WebRTC is the only enterprise-ready, WebRTC streaming software distribution solution available on the market today.

An Introduction to Hive WebRTC

Hive WebRTC Video Distribution, when Software Installation isn't Desireable


With the utilization of WebRTC, your Hive Enterprise Video Distribution now reaches devices where you don’t want to deploy enterprise software.

Hive WebRTC is fully compatible with the Hive Streaming Enterprise Video Distribution suite of solutions including Hive Insights. Hive WebRTC video streaming does not require installed software or browser plugins and is easily integrated with any video portal that utilizes HTML5 video players. Since Hive WebRTC is written in Typescript, it can be executed in all JavaScript-enabled runtime environments that have WebRTC support (and in particular WebRTC Data Channels support), including mobile devices with WebRTC compatible browsers.


  • Comes as an HTML5 web library
  • Based on the WebRTC web standard
  • Supported browsers: Chrome 46+, Firefox 42+, Opera 30+
  • Supports DASH and HLS streaming protocols
  • Small footprint ~500KB
  • Supported by Skype Meeting Broadcast
  • Support mobile devices with WebRTC compatible browsers

Benefits to Browser-Based, WebRTC
Video Distribution



No Install

No Software or Plugin Installation


Supports Live and On-Demand Streaming


Outstanding Performance with Over 90% CDN Offload During Live Streaming


Fully Compatible with All Other Hive Solutions


HTML5 Player Support Out-of-the Box: Azure Media Player; Video.JS; Shaka Player and Flowplayer

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