Hive WebRTC Video

Extend The Power of Hive Streaming via the Browser with WebRTC Video Streaming

It’s not always possible to install a Hive client in all environments and on all devices. Hive WebRTC solves this challenge.

Organizations, wishing to scale video communications without investing in additional bandwidth or hardware, choose Hive Streaming. We believe Hive WebRTC is the only enterprise-ready, WebRTC streaming software distribution solution available on the market today.

An Introduction to Hive WebRTC

Hive WebRTC Video Distribution, when Software Installation isn't Desireable

WebRTC Video Streaming

With the utilization of WebRTC, your Hive Enterprise Video Distribution now reaches devices where you don’t want to deploy enterprise software.

Hive WebRTC is fully compatible with the Hive Streaming Enterprise Video Distribution suite of solutions including Hive Insights. Hive WebRTC video streaming does not require installed software or browser plugins and is easily integrated with any video portal that utilizes HTML5 video players. Our integrations with leading video and webcasting platforms provide all the benefits of high quality WebRTC streaming without placing any additional burden on your network.

WebRTC Browser Support

Since Hive WebRTC is written in Typescript, it can be executed in all JavaScript-enabled runtime environments that have WebRTC support (and in particular WebRTC Data Channels support), including mobile devices with WebRTC compatible browsers.

WebRTC video provides a great user experience. With Hive WebRTC, you start taking advantage of the video delivery efficiencies of our service quickly as installation is quick and easy. For the full benefits of the Hive solution, we recommend augmenting Hive WebRTC with installed agents.



  • Comes as an HTML5 web library
  • Based on the WebRTC standard
  • Supported browsers: Chrome 46+, Firefox 42+, Opera 30+
  • Supports DASH and HLS streaming protocols
  • Small footprint ~500KB
  • Supported by Skype Meeting Broadcast and Microsoft Teams applications
  • Supported by mobile devices with WebRTC compatible browsers

WebRTC Streaming

Hive WebRTC Versus Hive Agents

There is more you should know about WebRTC video streaming and our solutions that help enable WebRTC live broadcast and live video streaming from one to many. What follows in a high-level comparison of the features and benefits of Hive WebRTC and installed Hive Agents. Further details are available on this Hive Blog Post.

Hive Agents and Hive WebRTC both solve the challenge of delivering live video behind the enterprise fire wall through the Hive peering technology. Hive Agents achieves this with our software that is installed in video players supported by the video/webcasting platform our customers use, whereas Hive WebRTC utilizes the WebRTC protocol already installed in compliant browsers and applications to enable peering and efficient distribution. Other similarities:

  • Off load up to 99% of video traffic from your local network access points.
  • Support similar levels of simultaneous viewers.
  • Support bit rates up to 5 Mbit/s.

WebRTC Video – Comparisons

The major differences between Hive WebRTC and Hive Agents:

Hive WebRTC does not require software to be installed on end users/viewers devices. Benefits include:

  • Less maintenance
  • Extended reach to some mobile and VDI devices where software can’t be installed

It is not currently possible to run a Silent Test with Hive WebRTC.  Manual VPN and site-specific configurations are not possible with Hive WebRTC.  Some user/viewer device data is not available in Hive Insights reporting with Hive WebRTC.

WebRTC Video Streaming – Benefits

Benefits to Browser-Based, WebRTC Video Distribution



No Install

No Software or Plugin Installation


WebRTC Live Streaming – Supports Live and On-Demand Streaming


Outstanding Performance with Over 90% CDN Offload During Live Streaming


Fully Compatible with All Other Hive Solutions


HTML5 Player Support Out-of-the Box: Azure Media Player; Video.JS; Shaka Player and Flowplayer

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