At Hive Streaming we want to be the eCDN solution that you choose, therefore we have pricing models that accommodate your use cases. Before we get into our pricing approach, please keep in mind that Hive is inherently a very cost effective enterprise video delivery solution.

Cost Benefits of Choosing Hive Streaming:

  • It can be centrally deployed and managed
  • Does not require the purchase of any additional hardware
  • It can serve as your distribution solution for all your live and on-demand video platforms (see list here).
Pricing for

Included in our pricing models:

  • Technical support for configuration and deployment
  • Ability to pilot test Hive and perform a Network Readiness Test
  • Industry-leading eCDN reporting and analytics – Hive Insights
  • Ability to perform a defined number of Hive Silent Tests
  • The ability to utilize Hive Agents or Hive WebRTC
  • Integration with supported video platforms.

Our approach to pricing

Hive Streaming is offered to customers using an Active Device Based License (ADBL) model. A device is a computing device capable of running the installed Hive Agent, or a device running Hive WebRTC in a WebRTC-enabled browser. A device becomes Active once it has started to consume/watch at any time during a calendar month. Activations occur only once per month and the activation remains in effect until the end of the month – in other words, once a device starts watching Hive-enabled video, viewing is unlimited for the month.

At Hive Streaming we know that consumption of video within the enterprise is often difficult to estimate. Therefore, to make it easy for enterprises to get started, we offer two approaches to purchasing ADBLs:

  • If you know what your consumption of video is likely to be across your enterprise, the ADBL Enterprise is for you. ADBL Enterprise provides you with a recurring, fixed monthly pool of ADBLs. ADBLs are consumed until the end of the month, and at the start of the next month the pool is re-set to the contracted ADBL volume tier.
  • If you don’t have a good handle on the number and frequency of video views, then a Flex Bucket may be for you. A Flex Bucket provides you with an annual pool of ADBLs that can be consumed at any point in time over a Service Term (12 months). The net balance of remaining ADBLs is adjusted at the start of every month, taking out the ADBLs that were consumed in the previous months.

Please reach out to us directly by completing the form below so we can prepare a quote for you based on the scale of your deployment and services desired or you can email if you have further questions.

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