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Hive Insights 2.0

An Introductory Video to Hive Insights and Hive Silent Testing

A 4-Minute Walk through of Hive Insights

Why Hive Insights?

Hive Insights 2.0 is the next generation of the Hive Streaming interactive video event analytics application. Hive Insights enables you to immediately tell what worked, what didn’t, and what the likely causes were.

Hive Insights provides the market’s most comprehensive video event reporting and analytics capabilities. The user interface is modern and powerful allowing for quick high-level analysis and detailed drill-downs. Getting started is fast and simple; copy and paste a single line of JavaScript code.

For Whom?

  • Network management teams responsible for the performance and stability of the internal corporate network, WAN, and internet ingress including firewalls, proxies, routing, switching and security
  • Application management teams responsible for unified communications applications – including QoS of video streaming
  • Corporate communications, marketing, or other business stakeholders – typically responsible for measuring the reach, effectiveness, and engagement levels of a video event
  • Video production teams responsible for lights, camera, sound, and encoding


Hive Insights is your one-stop to gain insightful reporting on the impact video is having on your network.

Aggregated Event Metrics

Viewer participation, quality of experience, viewing time, streaming performance, network impact, & more.

Powerful Ranking Lists

Locations and viewers by size, quality of experience, & more.

Text And Map-Based Filtering

Extensive text and map-based filtering capabilities to drill-down into event statistics by geographic location, customer site, and individual viewer experience.

Unique Network Visualizations

Unique network visualizations illustrating the impact of streaming video on the network.

Event Workflow

Pre: Verify

Pre: Verify

Verify end-to-end workflow

Identify problems before
mission-critical events

Create peace of mind.

Live: Monitor

Live: Monitor

Follow live event statistics

Real-time telematics of QoS,
savings and network traffic

Be in control.

Post: Analyze

Post: Analyze

Review event performance

Drill down to individual viewers, visualize network performance

Get the answers.

User Interface

View the video below to learn more about Hive Insights.

Click images below to see details.

Network Impact

Viewer Distribution

Quality of Event

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