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Hive Streaming offers high-quality, efficient and secure software-based enterprise video streaming solutions.

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Video Streaming and Customized Analysis with Minimal Network Impact

With today’s global economy and instant communication expectations, video communication is increasingly becoming the standard for enterprises worldwide. However, large organizations often have complex networks that don’t have the bandwidth capacity needed to support streaming video communications without impacting other critical business functions. An enterprise video streaming delivery solution is needed.

Hive Streaming’s software-based video distribution solution utilizes the bandwidth already provisioned within enterprises to deliver high-quality video. Instead of everyone getting their own video stream, Hive utilizes our peer-based technology to enable viewers within the same site, or network segment, to effectively view the same stream.

We also provide an insightful, clear and customizable reporting platform – Hive Insights. And if you can’t or don’t wish to install software, we offer Hive WebRTC, our browser-based video delivery option, that offers similar saving to the traditional Hive Solution.

The Hive Streaming Solutions integrate with most leading web conferencing and video management platforms. If you have a webcasting service and an internal collaboration platform or video CDN, chances are that Hive video delivery software can power them both. See integration partners here.

Powerful Peering

The need for online video services and social media spilling into the workforce has driven Hive Streaming to leverage excess network capacity for enterprises to deliver high-quality video to every user in their organization. Hive’s enterprise-ready, peer-based video distribution service is the most efficient, cost effective way to distribute video throughout an enterprise.


Insightful Reporting

Hive Insights 2.0 is the next generation of Hive Streaming’s interactive video event analytics application. The application provides easily accessible on-demand and live event information about quality of experience, geographic distribution, reach and churn, connection types, best and worst performing sites, and much more.


Hive WebRTC

Hive WebRTC is fully compatible with the Hive Streaming Enterprise Video Distribution suite of solutions including Hive Insights. Hive WebRTC does not require installed software or browser plugins and is easily integrated with any video portal that utilizes HTML5 video players.


Silent Testing

Hive Silent Testing is a powerful tool that assesses if your network is ready for large scale content distribution. It allows you to stress-test your network and video platform in an unobtrusive and secure manner.

See how Hive Silent testing can put you at ease when stress testing your next mock event.

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