Video Webcasting Within Corporate Networks

Webcasting Across Corporate Networks

Video Webcasting Within Corporate Networks

Hive Streaming integrates with webcast platforms to allow video webcasting within corporate networks. With Hive you are able to use your webcast software to broadcast video webcasts within corporate networks via our installed client or Hive WebRTC video streaming.

Many large enterprises love their webcasting software. They use services such as TalkPoint PGi and ON24 to create engaging high impact events that help educate current and future customers. These platforms make it easy to incorporate video and slides, answer questions in an orderly fashion, and engage their audience with polls and questionnaires. They automatically generate landing pages for event registration and automate the calendaring and reminder functions.

Both TalkPoint PGi and ON24 will automatically record the event for you, including video and all interactions in your live presentation, and make it available on demand for those who couldn’t attend the live event. They provide reporting on who attended, for how long, when audiences lost interest, and who asked questions. It’s also possible to capture the live presentation so it can be viewed and shared after the live event.

We are fortunate to have access to the PGi TalkPoint platform and we recently conducted our first webcast using the PGi TalkPoint platform. I’m going to share some of the reports with you so you can see the richness of the data. It was primarily directed at customers and partners. Jonathan Discount and I were live on video – I was in San Diego and JD was in Virginia. As you can see, we had 150 registrants and 85 viewers – 45 viewed it live.

We have not run the webcast as a simulated live event (effectively broadcasting a recorded event at a set time), therefore we have zero SimLive Viewers.


We managed to retain and grow the audience during the presentation.


graph-attendance-during-live-eventAll of this data should be extremely useful and insightful not only for external webcasts but also for internal corporate webcasts. When the data from the webcasting platform is combined with the Quality of Experience measures you can get from Hive Insights, you’ll be in a position to know more about your employee engagement in these important company events than ever before. Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you scale your video webcasting within your corporate network.

If you see webinars as an important communication tool, then I highly recommend you look into TalkPoint and ON24. The first time you use these platforms is a little intimidating, but in no time you’ll be thrilled with the investment. The ROI on these platforms will be even more compelling if you use them for internal webcasts as well.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Stephen Condon