Rethinking Video for the Enterprise


Rethinking Video for the Enterprise

Using Hosted Options, APIs and Modularity to Enable Best-of-Breed Enterprise Streaming Solutions

Together with Steve Vonder Haar, from Wainhouse Research, we have published a new white paper that details some of the current dynamics impacting the selection of enterprise video solutions. Enterprise video solutions are maturing, but the environments in which they are being deployed are constantly evolving. Factors such as network design, the inclusion of video within unified communications platforms, the rush to the cloud, and technology enhancements (such as WebRTC) are all components that impact enterprise video solutions.

Steve identifies in the paper that there is a clear move away from single vendor end-to-end solutions, and a move towards “modularity” in deploying the best-of-breed enterprise streaming solutions. Considering that Hive Streaming focuses on video distribution and integrates with other components of the enterprise video ecosystem, it’s a trend we are happy to see.

The paper gives an overview of the elements of the enterprise video ecosystem and recaps some of the research Wainhouse Research has conducted on the role of video communication in the enterprise. Most of us are aware that in these days of globally dispersed workforces and growing demand for engagement through increased transparency, the role of video communication is increasing in importance.

elements of the enterprise video ecosystem

The paper also incorporates a case study about how a Fortune 500 technology company has very successfully migrated from a single-source vendor to a modular solution, incorporating best-of-breed components. Lastly, there’s advice for those looking to build their enterprise streaming solutions, which includes an explanation on why you should look for vendors committed to Open Source Systems and to look for those who have experience integrating their solutions with others you are evaluating in your stack.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have feedback. To read the full white paper, please complete the form below.

Stephen Condon