Hive Sonar

Detect and resolve video experience issues before they disrupt your strategic communications

Proactively ensure a high-quality video experience for all employees. With Hive Sonar, you can easily identify and remediate video experience problems in advance, before they impact end-users in a live setting. 
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Advance problem detection

Event & Trend Analytics

Infrastructure performance assessment


Network testing under load


Simplified video operations

How it works

Hive Sonar conducts hidden dry runs of your upcoming video events to assess network and application performance, allowing you to fine-tune settings for optimal video communication quality.

Choose devices

Run real video

Resolve issues

Run real-time video events - behind the scenes (2)-1

Run real video events – behind the scenes

See exactly how your infrastructure would perform in an upcoming video event by conducting a hidden dry run covering the entire webcasting chain, from source to end-user application.
Optimize VPN & firewall performance

Optimize VPN & firewall performance

Test and optimize network services like VPN and firewall for video communication traffic.
Test applications updates and new deployments (4)

Test application updates and new deployments

Ensure that application updates and network changes won't impact the end-user video experience. Understand if changes to services like Zscaler or Microsoft Teams impact your video infrastructure.
Assess network capacity and configuration (1)

Assess network capacity and configuration

Understand network performance under load and see where network settings can be finetuned – down to individual devices. 

Choose your Sonar

Hive Sonar works seamlessly with your existing video communication stack. Our browser-based technology requires no software installation but can be enhanced with agent deployment as needed.


$ 400


Rapid testing for urgent assessment

Situation: Your company needs to ensure high video quality for an upcoming meeting.

Benefits: Quick activation, ready to go in under five minutes.

Use Hive Sonar to: Conduct hidden dry runs to assess and optimize video performance quickly.


$ 750


Detailed analysis for persistent issues

Situation: Your company faces recurring video quality issues during meetings.

Benefits: Comprehensive network performance analysis with detailed reporting.

Use Sonar Advanced* to: Run background tests to optimize network settings, VPN, and firewall performance.

*Agent installation on end-user devices required for Hive Sonar Advanced 

What you’ll receive

Hive Sonar enables you to pinpoint where adjustments can be made to improve the quality of video experience across your network. Identify weak links and avoid common issues by preempting them.

  • Insights into potential live video issues
  • Granular analysis, down to site and user device
  • Remediation advice and expert tips 
  • Detailed video meeting performance report

Your internal messaging is expertly crafted. Your audience’s video experience should be, too. 

Research shows that even a few short buffering instances can be the difference between your communications resonating with viewers or falling flat, leading to significant financial losses and a blow to employee engagement. To prevent this, use Hive Sonar to:  

  • Ensure that all visual and audio elements of your communications meet high quality standards before addressing employees  
  • Proactively minimize the risk of technical issues to secure a smooth and engaging experience for all attendees  
  • Identify engagement blockers ahead of time, allowing the communications team to finetune content delivery for maximum impact

Highest security and privacy standards

  • Video data never leaves your control 
  • Hive only receives metadata/performance data
  • Designed to work with firewalls/proxies
  • Works with DRM, Tokens, HTPS, TLS 1.2
  • Compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC 2



Video communication expertise trusted by the Fortune 500

The world’s most inspiring companies use Hive to reach their entire workforce in the best video quality possible and keep engagement high, regardless of employee location.


With Hive, we are confident in the quality of each event and don't have to worry about the network or poor video experience

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Hive Sonar helps companies like yours navigate the intricacies of network and video infrastructure and create a world-class hybrid workplace for the entire organization. Start simplifying your video operations with Hive Sonar today.

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