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How Hive Streaming helps L’Oréal make employee experience a thing of beauty

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Quick facts

L’Oréal Group
Clichy, France
Personal care products manufacturing

L’Oréal reported a staggering 38 billion dollars in sales for 2022, but the world’s leading beauty brand is far from being a purely commercial success. The group holds a firm position among the world’s most attractive and sought-after employers – last year, the results of one survey placed the company in fifth place globally, and first in all of Europe.

The secret to their off-the-charts performance? Among the many factors that may play a role, the company’s unrelenting commitment to their people is what stands out the most. With the Hive VX Platform underpinning the company’s digital workplace, L’Oréal is a prime example of what organizations can gain by going all-in on employee experience.

Single-year highlights & achievements

successful live video events
concurrent viewers at largest live event
total viewership
great quality of experience for all viewers
hours of video content viewed


What L’Oréal successfully accomplished with Hive Streaming:

  • Cost savings due to reduced need for purchasing extra bandwidth
  • Network security in hybrid work, ability to accommodate any number of concurrent live video viewers
  • Improved digital employee experience with new ways of broadcasting events
  • The ability to monitor viewership during any live video event with robust reporting and video communication analytics tools
  • Improved scheduling ability to select the optimal date and time to hold live video events
  • Drawing on professional advisory to succeed with internal video communication
  • Access to reliable reporting and video communication analytics tools

With Hive, we are confident in the quality of each event and don't have to worry about the network or poor video experience.


Staying connected in a hybrid world

Long before the pandemic, L’Oréal had been investing in technology and tools to support collaboration and communication among employees. This has allowed their 88,000+ strong global workforce to stay connected and collaborate seamlessly, no matter where they are working from, and to stay informed and aligned on company goals and objectives.

As part of this investment, L’Oréal implemented Microsoft Teams and the Hive Video Experience (VX) Platform. Teams made it easier for employees to work together, share ideas and knowledge, and collaborate on projects, all while working in a hybrid set up. The Hive VX Platform was implemented at the same time to ensure that live video events run on Teams were streamed in the highest possible quality and delivered seamlessly to every corner of the L’Oréal world.

We sat down with Shaik Assana, Unified Communication Manager at L’Oréal, to learn more about some of the challenges his team encountered during the transition to hybrid work, and the solutions they implemented.


The challenge

When L’Oréal first launched Teams Live Event, it quickly became clear that the amount of traffic generated by hundreds of concurrent viewers may pose a challenge to the corporate network – and, by extension, negatively affect both the quality and reach of each broadcast.

For L’Oréal, the solution was Hive Streaming.

Shaik explains that Hive Streaming provides the team with an extra layer of security in hybrid work. “We implemented Hive to offload the network as soon as we launched Teams live event. Hybrid work can be unpredictable. Not all employees come into the corporate offices like before, but our network must still be able to accommodate any number of people on any given day,” he shares.

Loreal office-1

Teams Live Events made easy: 700+ held in a single year

Hive Streaming has been critical in helping L’Oréal run large-scale live video events with the highest possible video quality and reach. In 2022, the company held over 700 of them, with Teams and the Hive VX Platform as the backbone of internal corporate communication.

Hive has transformed the task of coordinating Teams Live Events into a more streamlined process, we are confident in the quality of each event and don't have to worry about the network or poor video experience. And with Hive, we no longer need to pay for additional internet bandwidth.

Employee experience: a key company priority

But for L’Oréal, it’s not just about saving network bandwidth. The group has been working to improve the digital employee experience for a long time, going as far as setting up a dedicated Employee Experience team with satellites in each geographic zone. The company recognizes that employees are its most important asset, and that providing them with the right tools and resources is critical to overall success.

We have a very strong focus on employee experience. We work very closely with our Group Employee Experience team to continuously improve the user experience at the company level and encourage new ways of working.


In addition to this, the Unified Communications team works collaboratively with the Employee Experience function to create and update various training and support materials for company employees. The content is then adapted to individual countries, distributed to regional EE teams across all geographic zones, and promoted locally.

Working with Hive Streaming

We've been very impressed with the level of support from the team at Hive Streaming. We have great dashboards and analytics to help us make data-driven decisions, and the Customer Success advisory we've received has been outstanding. It's clear that Hive truly cares about their customers and are dedicated to ensuring that we have the tools and resources we need to succeed.




With the Hive Analytics dashboards, meeting organizers are empowered to analyze and track their meetings’ KPIs. In addition, technical teams can address any issues even more effectively with access to detailed video experience insights.

L’Oréal’s dedication to enhancing employee experience is evident through their investment in both technology and people. The company continues to prioritize employee needs and provide them with a seamless digital workplace and supportive work environment – all part of the renowned brand’s ambitious aspiration to “create beauty that moves the world.”