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Microsoft Helps Enterprises Deliver A High-Quality Video Experience

Microsoft is continuing to expand its presence in the Enterprise video market by offering robust cloud-based applications for live communications as well as VOD content storage and management. From Skype Meeting Broadcast and Office 365 Video to Microsoft Stream and Teams, Microsoft is expanding its capabilities to address the needs of Enterprise video communication.

Depending on your Office 365 SKU, you may have some or all of the functionality offered in these applications. But, to fully take advantage of the capabilities these platforms offer, you need to ensure your network is up to the task.

That’s Where Hive Streaming Can Help.
Hive partners with Microsoft to help customers utilize their existing network investment to distribute high quality video with the Hive software eCDN solution.

Currently, Skype Meeting Broadcast and Office 365 Video users can also access Hive Insights, a free powerful analysis and reporting tool that monitors viewers’ quality of experience and the impact video streaming has on a network.


The Skype Meeting Broadcast and Office 365 Video platfoms allow you to use Hive Streaming for both live and on-demand video delivery. Hive for Stream and Teams is coming soon!


An unobtrusive Hive Streaming client is installed on end-user devices. The Hive client then acts as a transparent HTTP proxy between the streaming server and the  video player.

Hive can be deployed with SCCM or any other software configuration management platform.  After deployment, your IT administrator then activates Hive for the Microsoft application they wish to enable it for (typically done through a CMDLET). There’s no need to do any other integration. From that point on all broadcasts, webcasts and VOD assets used through that application are automatically Hive-enabled.

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Hive Insights is a comprehensive suite of analytics providing a wealth of information including network and video performance by site, subnet, and the individual viewer.

Any Skype Meeting Broadcast customer can leverage Hive Insights without having to install a Hive client. This free version of Hive Insights provides detailed statistics for Skype Meeting Broadcast events to help you understand viewer quality of experience and the impact of streaming video on your network. The service does not require involvement from end users and includes a real-time dashboard, quality of experience reports, and geographic distribution reports.

Hive Streaming enables you to deliver a high-quality video experience to your entire audience, even in remote offices with limited bandwidth, without having to invest in additional hardware or bandwidth. Hive Streaming is integrated with Skype Meeting Broadcast, making it easier to get started.

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A smooth and easy set-up process, with no requirements for onsite configurations. Our software-only solution that is pre-integrated with the Skype Meeting Broadcast provides a smooth and easy set-up with no requirements for onsite configurations.


A hardware free solution, re-using your existing hardware and network infrastructure to distribute live and on-demand video to all users throughout your organization.


A network friendly service with between 95-99% of video traffic offloaded from critical and weak network links, ensuring a great viewer experience and a careful use of the enterprise network.


Hive Silent tests – you can safely stage your own end-to-end webcast rehearsals, enabling you to detect, analyze and troubleshoot hitches prior to your live broadcast.


Plus Hive Insights for detailed analytics. Our comprehensive suite of analytics provides a wealth of information, including network and video performance by site, subnet, and individual viewer.


An unobtrusive Hive Streaming client is installed on end-user devices. The Hive client then acts as a transparent HTTP proxy between the streaming server and the Skype Meeting Broadcast player.

You deploy the Hive clients and activate with a CMDLET. There’s no need to do any other integration. From that point on all Skype Broadcast meetings are automatically Hive-enabled.

Hive Silent Testing enables you to run a test event on selected devises with a muted and invisible video player to determine your readiness for a live event without having to involve end users.

Hive is deployed with any software configuration management platform. There is no requirement to make changes to your network including firewalls, NATs or routing tables.

Hive security is built on Skype Meeting Broadcast’s existing security with direct guidance from some of Microsoft’s own security professionals.

We see events that range from a few users in the same location to large corporate events with thousands of viewers spread out to all parts of the globe.

We suggest you activate a free Hive Insight license to get a better understanding of potential network issues. Then start with consumption based pricing to figure out your business case.

We’ve been operating commercially since 2014. We have a deep patent portfolio, and we have been working closely with the Microsoft team since 2014. We serve many Fortune 500 customers and joint Skype Meeting Broadcast customers include Atkins Global, Ericsson, Brasil Foods (brl), and Eastman Chemical Company to name a few.

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