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What is Hive Streaming

Live video streaming is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool to communicate with employees, partners and other key stakeholders. Yet streaming can be a frustrating and expensive challenge. With Hive Streaming, the issues with high quality, large scale video streaming are solved; supporting all the major HTTP-based multi-bitrate streaming protocols, Hive Streaming removes up to 99% of the video traffic in your network protecting weak network links and leaving plenty of bandwidth for other applications.

Hive Streaming allows you to set-up your own video distribution network for live and on-demand streaming. Hive Streaming is software-based, needs no addtional hardware and can easily be deployed in hours, even in large and complex networks.


Sudheer Sirivara

“Windows Azure Media Services currently provides customers with a highly scalable and reliable platform of ready-to-use services for cloud-based digital video preparation and delivery. We are excited about extending Windows Azure Media Services into the Live video market and about the value that Hive will bring to our Live platform.”

Sudheer SirivaraDirectorWindows Azure Media Services, Microsoft
Johan Ljungberg

“As the demand for live streaming continues to grow, Hive provides broadcasters and network managers with a scalable and easily deployable software-based content distribution solution that keeps network traffic local. Combining Hive with the power of Windows Azure Media Services Live will provide the industry with an offering unparalleled in today’s market.”

Johan LjungbergCEOPeerialism

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